The Best Petrol Pressure Washer Accessories

The out-of-the-box cleaning performance of a petrol pressure washer is undeniable, but you can enhance this performance further with a selection of accessories.

We often get asked about what accessories we'd recommend for different applications, and now we've sat down and hand picked what we consider to be the very best.

Flat Surface Rotary Cleaners (Whirlaways) 

flat surface cleaner, also known as a Whirlaway, is one of the best accessories you can pair with a petrol pressure washer. 

They're ideal for jobs that require an even clean and won’t leave 'zebra stripes' or streaking on a surface, which is very common if cleaned with a standard pressure washer nozzle.

Perfect for use on locations such as patios, pavements, decking, driveways, car parks, playgrounds and rooftops, they can decrease the time you spend cleaning by up to 60%. 

Snow Foam Applicator 

A  snow foam applicator is designed to easily apply a thick coat of foam to a vehicle for effective cleaning.

To spread the foam, you simply need to connect the foam bottle to the end of your pressure washer lance and you're ready to go. 

This low cost accessory makes an already quick process even quicker, and is ideal for professional cleaners who need to ensure they have the most efficient equipment at hand.

Quick Release Pressure Washer Nozzles 

Just as your garden hose can change the stream of water via  different nozzles, so too can a petrol pressure washer. 

A petrol pressure washer will produce a very high output of water; however, not all cleaning tasks will require the full stream in one single burst. 

By changing the nozzle on the end of your lance, you can control the type of spread you get from the water. 

The different cleaning functions provided by the nozzles are: 

  • 0⁰ Nozzle - Provides an extremely powerful pinpoint stream, designed to cover small areas. Due to the high pressure output, it should only be used on hard materials such as concrete, metal and steel. 
  • 15⁰ Nozzle - This nozzle also provides a powerful stream, however the spread is slightly wider. Again, these should only be used on hard surfaces.
  • 25⁰ Nozzle - With a wider stream, the water pressure is slightly less powerful than the previous two nozzles. This is suitable for cleaning larger areas and softer surfaces.
  • 40⁰ Nozzle - This nozzle is designed for cleaning the biggest areas where you don't need a very high pressure to clear the dirt and grime. 
  • Low Pressure Nozzle - Ideally used when applying chemicals or cleaning solutions. 

Telescopic Lances 

Trying to clean high or hard to reach locations with the use of a ladder is both cumbersome and dangerous.

If you need to clean guttering, roofs, balconies or windows, you should use a  high pressure telescopic lance

Designed for daily commercial use, telescopic lances are usually designed from fibreglass or aluminium, to keep the overall weight low whilst staying strong enough to endure the challenges of professional cleaning. 

Telescopic lances are available in varying sizes, allowing you to choose the lance which suits your requirement best. 

We currently stock a 12' and 18' lance, both of which provide impressive reach for even the most challenging cleaning requirements. 

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