Lawn Mowers

Shop for Lawn Mowers online with The Power Site. We are a supplier of petrol mowers including rotary, push, self-propelled or roller lawn mower options, including an optional electric push-button start, powered by tried and tested engines.

For a more green, eco-friendly lawn mower, our lithium-ion battery-powered cordless lawn mowers or budget-friendly corded electric lawn mowers are a great choice. These options are also low maintenance and especially easy to use as they don't require the same routine maintenance as petrol lawn mowers do.

For an even more low maintenance option, why not opt for a smart robot lawn mower, which mows the lawn for you and requires absolutely no human intervention after its initial setup.

Buy the best quality lawn mowers online or in store at our shops in Pembroke Dock, South Wales and Warrington, Cheshire, UK.