Electric Pressure Washers

Shop for Electric Pessure Washers online with The Power Site.  Quickly and effectively wash cars, patios, outdoor furniture, decking, and more with our range of electric pressure washers. Supplied with multiple pressure washer attachments, these portable jet washers feature an upgraded water inlet filter to prevent sediment or foreign objects from entering the pump, protecting it from any damage and keeping it operating smoothly. With options from 120 bar / 1740psi all the way up to 180 bar / 2610psi we have electric pressure washers for sale to suit any cleaning tasks in your garden or exterior of your home. There is no messy petrol or diesel to deal with, no oil to remember to top up and no maintaining of carburettors – simply plug in your machine and you’re ready to go!

Buy the best quality corded electric pressure washers online or in store at our showrooms in Pembroke Dock and Warrington, UK.