At ThePowerSite, we want our customers to be happy. For a company like ours, we believe that the best way to run our business, is to put ourselves in our customers shoes. We put a huge amount of emphasis in getting everything that we do right and putting the customer at the heart of our experience.

This aftersales page is designed to help and better direct customer queries or resolve any issues you may have, no matter whether it is big or small. Although we aim to do our very best for you from the moment your order is placed, we have to accept that sometimes, things don't always go the right way. Before calling or emailing us with any issues, please first take the time to read this page to see if any of your queries or problems can be solved. It might save you time if your problem is listed below.

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I have just taken delivery of an item and...


After Delivery

Issues with my item




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Q. I need some information on a product before placing an order.

A. No problem. That is what we are here for. Our ever-ready sales team have the answer to most questions and are always willing to provide you with the answers you need. You can call us directly on 01437 700123, or if you have an extended question, or a few different queries, we are happy to reply via email. Just send us a query to

Q. I want to check stock of a product before ordering.

A. Our inventory is kept up-to-date by our web team, so in most cases if a product is showing as in stock, this information will be correct. However, if you want to double-check or if you are eager to purchase an item and want to make sure we can provide it, give us a call on 01437 700123.

Q. I placed an order on your site and have had no confirmation.

A. Normally, our websites do provide you with an order confirmation if placed correctly, but sometimes these emails can be lost in the ether.

We suggest that you double-check that your order has definitely been placed through our website, which can be done by logging back into your account. If the order does not show in your account after a few minutes, then it is a good chance that the order was not fully placed. In this instance, give our offices a ring and speak to one of our transactions specialists in accounts. They’ll be able to quickly inform you of the status of any order placed.

If you did not create a user account, and completed checkout of the shopping cart as a guest, then call our office straight away. We’ll be able to track down your order, should it have been placed, without too much delay.

Q. I want to use a discount code, but it will not work.*

A. From time to time, we email out discount codes as a promotion, and these will be for a limited time only. If you have a discount code for an item, you will first need to make sure it has not expired, been used previously or the limited time only offer has not elapsed.

If you are using a discount code you believe to be valid, then you may be inputting it incorrectly. Try again to make sure what you are typing in is exactly what you were told to. If all else fails, call our sales office on 01437 700 123.

*N.B. We may not be able to uphold a discount code after the promotional period has elapsed.

Q. How can I check shipping costs before I order?

A. ThePowerSite Ltd aims to offer the cheapest and best forms of shipping as possible, and for 90% of the UK, we can cover the cost of shipping an item out within our margins. However, there are those postcodes that dependant on which machine you are ordering, will have certain surcharges attached to them which we will not be able to absorb.

Our carriage chart, which details the cost of each area in the UK based on weight and location, can be found here

Also, by placing an item in your basket and filling out the shipping quote section of the form, and then clicking ‘continue’, you will also be able to find out the cost of shipping before confirming the order in your shopping cart.

Q. I want to cancel my order. What do I do?

A. Canceling your order is no problem, so long as the item in question has not left it’s distribution centre. Once booked and shipped out, there is no way we can cancel the order, and once it is out for delivery, we will have to arrange with you to get the machine back after first taking delivery for the machine.

In this instance, the cost of shipping the item back to us lies with the customer, and a full refund will be given, minus any costs for returning the item to us that we incur.

Q. I’m having trouble placing an order.

A. Thanks for letting us know. There may sometimes be glitches with our system so we’ll need to know about this ASAP. Call us on 01437 700 123, and let us know what the issue is. That way, we can determine if it is a bug or if it is something to do with the information being put into our system.

We are always trying to think of ways of making the checkout easier, so if you have a suggestion or need help, please call.

Q. I want to deliver an item somewhere other than the billing location.

A. This is not a problem, although in most cases we won’t be able to take payment via a credit or debit card. This is for safety and security reasons. Due to bad transactions in the past, the only way we will be able to authorise this type of order, is if the transaction is completed via BACS / internet banking transfer. By using BACS to complete an order gives us security and confidence to be able to ship an item anywhere in the United Kingdom, or if it is an item for export, directly to a shipping company for you. Unfortunately, we are not able to send an item to a third party or alternate address without first securing a payment via BACS.

To make such a payment, just contact us via the phone or email, requesting our payment details and the item you want to purchase, along with both addresses for shipping and also billing. If you need an invoice made out to a business, this is also a good point at which to specify the details. We will then email you back with the confirmed price, and the details of our bank for payment. We will also ask you to input your last name as a reference number. Eg. If your last name is Jones, then your reference number would be ‘JONES’.

Once a payment has cleared into our bank, we will release the machine and send you a complete invoice, and email confirmation.

Usually, a bank transfer takes a very short space of time to clear, and often depending on your bank, payments can be instant. Please be aware however that some banks do take a few days to clear and we can only release the item once those funds have cleared with us, and not before. It’s worth thinking about if you are on a tight timeframe.

Q. I want to export an item. How do I go about doing this?

A. Firstly and most simply is let us know what item you are planning on exporting. For the main reason that not every item we sell is able to be exported, due to restrictions placed on some of the larger suppliers, we are only able to send these items to a UK or British address.

For items that can be exported, we have good contacts at a freight forwarding company and will be happy to get you a shipping quote for the country of destination. We will require an address so we know where we are sending the item, and then wait to hear back from us with a full quote for the machine plus shipping.

Q. I want to export an item. Will I be exempt from VAT?

If we are shipping an item ourselves, using our trusted freighting company, we can zero-rate VAT. If we are sending to a shipping company of your choice, then we will need to charge VAT on the item, for which we will provide a VAt receipt for you to use to claim the VAT back from HMRC.

Other local charges and import duties payable on the machine once exported all lie with the the customer, and you will be responsible for paying these local taxes, if any are levied.

Q. I want to export an item. Can I pay using my credit or debit card?

No, unfortunately not. BACS is the only way we can take payment for this. See    for more information.

Q. I want to export a certain item, but have been told I cannot. Why?

Some suppliers and brands are governed by territory restrictions. Therefore, are only allowed to distribute items for resale in the UK only. If you have a question about why, give us a call.

Q. What warranty will I get once I export my item?

Once the item has left the UK shores, the given warranty on the item will be void. Parts where available may still be covered, but not always and in many cases, you will need to contact the manufacturer or importer of the machines to see what sort of support is available to you once goods have been sent abroad.


Q. What day will my order arrive?

A. ThePowerSite Ltd are premium quality dropshippers, and supply the best goods to the customers, and being a link from the suppliers to the end users. We have strong relationships with every supplier we market on our site, but don’t stock the items directly ourselves. For this, we rely on our good relationships with a supplier to get ordered items out in a timely manner. Confident in our current status of supply and demand, generally we know that everything ordered on our site before 12pm will ship out on the same day and normally, if it is going to a mainland UK address in Wales, England or the non-extended areas of Scotland, we offer a next day delivery service.* If ordered after 12pm, the likelihood is that it will ship out the day after and be with you the following day. There may be slight delays during busy periods or certain times of year. Extenuating circumstances cannot be held against ThePowerSite Ltd for failure to deliver on time.

Once an item is out for delivery, although absolutely every attempt is made to ensure and guarantee delivery when specified, we are not responsible for the shipping company’s failure to deliver an item.

We try to only use the best and most trusted courier companies to deliver your products. Which company we use depends on the size and weight of the item in question. In most cases, a tracking number can be provided for you

*For extended areas such as peripheral mid-Scotland or Scottish highlands, Outer Hebrides or outlying Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Isle of Arran, Isle of Mann, Isle of Wight or Northern Ireland addresses, delivery estimates may be slightly longer than stated and it is best to enquire with us on application of order.

Q. What time will my item arrive?

A. As we use many trusted third party courier networks to get your item to you, we are unable to specify what time an item will get to you, unless an extra cost for shipping an item before a certain time was charged. This can only be done at the time or order, and cannot be added once the delivery is with the couriers.

If we have provided a tracking number, you will be able to call the couriers directly and possibly get a delivery estimate or shipping update, depending on the courier.

Q. I have not received my item yet. Where are my goods?

If you’re not sure when your goods will be arriving, it is best to check your confirmation emails with us before calling. If you have not received your item but think that you should have received it by the time of your query, and you have already gone through the procedure of contacting the supplier with a tracking number if one was provided for you, then please call us and we will chase up your order for you.

Q. I am having problems with your carrier.

A. If you are experiencing problems with one of the carrier companies, please call us to see if we can help. In most cases, we can contact them on your behalf if you have failed to rectify your problem.

Complaints will however, need to be lodged by yourself with the company in question.

Q. I was not in when delivery was attempted. What do I do now?


Q. I need to know what my tracking number is.

A. When a delivery is booked, depending on the courier company a tracking number is generated for the consignment, and will be emailed to you with your invoice. Your tracking number should be in that email. However, if you cannot find the email or have deleted it, we will be able to help you. Please go to for more info on finding out your tracking number.

It is worth noting that not every delivery company uses tracking numbers, so for certain orders we may not be able to provide any form of consignment tracking.

I have just taken delivery of an item and...

Q. “...the item, packaging or box appears to be damaged, or been opened.”

A. If you are not sure about the quality of an item, then you must sign the item as a ‘damaged’ item. By this, we mean that under your signature, either using a pen or on the electronic signature pad, you must write the word ‘damaged’ somewhere. You must then inform either ourselves, or the best case scenario, the UK based warranty provider or manufacturer of the product.

We will then work closely with you and the warranty provider to best sort your problem out.

Q. “...I was not able to check the item before signing for it.”

A. This is a fairly common scenario, but one of the most important tricks to remember when signing for your order or item. You must make an attempt to check the item thoroughly before you sign for it. You must therefore ask the delivery driver to wait whilst you check the item, and only sign for it once you are happy everything is in order. However, we know that not every delivery driver wants to wait or will let you check the machine over, so please read the following paragraph carefully.

IMPORTANT: If the driver is unwilling or you are unable to check the item before signing for it, YOU MUST SIGN THE ITEM AS ‘DAMAGED’. DO NOT SIGN AS ‘UNCHECKED’. Unfortunately, due to the complex wranglings of all major courier companies, they have designed a clever way of wriggling out of any liability by placing it all on the customer. We realise that this is not perfect, but all of them do the same thing, and we try and choose the best of the bunch in which to deliver your items to you. But if your request to check an item is flatly turned down and you’re forced to accept the item as it is, DO NOT sign as ‘unchecked’. We cannot make a claim for a faulty or broken item if it is signed for as ‘unchecked’.

If you are not able to check the item before signing, please sign as ‘DAMAGED’. We hope it won’t be, but if there is anything wrong at all with the item in question, we then have all of the power in which to do something about it, and we can sit firmly on your side.

Q. “...My machine noise level sticker is higher than I was expecting. What’s going on?”

A. Another common issue we have is that an item is delivered to the customer, who is expecting their product to be of a certain noise level (dB) but when they take it out of the packaging, the sticker on it claims to have a higher noise output than they thought.

Fear not, there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Up until a few years ago, the measuring stick for any generator noise levels came from a distance of 7m. A number derived from what was probably a lot of different measurements and taken to portray the average distances any person would be from a running generator. 7 meters seemed to be the figure to go by, and so that was the distance that for a long time was the distance to go by. in 2000, the EU introduced new legislation based upon the continued reduction of noise and protection of those working in noisy areas. As part of this legislation, it was decreed that all small machinery, including generators, engines and other such items be made to display a sound level from a distance closer than 7m. Measurements are now taken from varying points, 1m away from the machine and that is what must be displayed on the machine itself. The following statement is available to read, and briefly highlights and makes reference to the new EU position:

“The administrative and legal position is given by the Directive 2000/14/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 May 2000 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.”

Detailed information on this, should you wish to read further, can be found here:

As an upshot, most suppliers and brands still use the 7m measurements for purposes of marketing, and are free to do so as long as they specify on their websites or make available to others the noise levels they are providing are from a distance of 7m, or an accurate representation of real measurement. Another requirement is that the reading from a distance of 1m must be the noise level shown on the physical product.This is why there is often a discrepancy, however it does not mean that you have received the wrong product. Please ask about noise levels when placing an order, if you are unsure at that time.

Q. “...I want to know just how loud the decibel reading on my product really is in real terms. What could it be likened to?”

A. It is a difficult question to answer, but one we get asked all the time. The reason it is difficult is because it is different for everyone. All people hear things differently and have varying levels of noise perception. That being said, it doesn’t stop lots of websites offering you their take on what a certain noise level is akin to. We could bore you with the science and we probably will get around to writing it one day. For now, we have decided to be no different to those other sites, and here is our take on decibel levels.


Q. I haven't received my invoice.

A. We’re terribly sorry about that. Usually we send the invoice out shortly after payment has cleared but they are all raised manually so it does take time on busy days. This can be held up by up to a few hours on very busy days, as our accounts department processes orders. We usually email this to you, unless stated otherwise, so please check your emails carefully.

If you don’t have a copy of your invoice, please contact our accounts team via, requesting your invoice. You will need to provide both your first and last name, and postcode. Item model number will also help.

In some cases, we may not have been able to create an invoice for you as yet, but rest assured, it is on it’s way soon if that is the case, and sometimes we can only release an invoice once a machine is dispatched, so in the instance that your machine has a lead time, this may be what’s holding it all up.

Q. I need another copy of my invoice.

A. If you provided us with a valid email address at the time of ordering, the likelihood is that we would have sent you a digital copy of your invoice which you can print out directly. If you don’t have that email or invoice on file, we’ll be happy to resend the invoice file to you again.

You may need to provide us with both your first and last name, and postcode. Item model number will also help to locate the correct invoice.

Q. I would like my invoice sent in the post.

A. Sure thing. Let us know at the time of ordering, or request it after machine has been dispatched.

Q. I would like my invoice to be made out to my business.

A. Not a problem. We would be happy to do so for you. Please inform us at the time of ordering what your company details are. We can also update an invoice after it has been issued.

Q. I have a billing problem not listed above.

A. Please contact our accounts team via with your invoice number if you have it to hand. We will get back to you in a timely fashion in regards to your query.

After Delivery

Q. There are some parts missing from my order.

A. The best and quickest way to sort a scenario like this out is to check the item before signing upon delivery. In situations where you are not able to check the item and it’s particulars before signing, please see the aforementioned question HERE, and sign for the item as damaged. That way if anything is missing and is the fault of the courier we can make a claim.

This needs to be done as soon as you take delivery of the item, and we must be informed of the missing items within a 24-hour timescale, otherwise we run the risk of not being able to get these parts sourced from the suppliers. If they become unwilling to ship out these items free of charge, because goods were not checked at the time of delivery, we will also be unable to cover the cost of sending these out and we really don’t want to be in that situation. Best case scenario is to check as soon as you get your item.

Q. There are some extra parts in the box and I don’t know what they are for.

A. In the first instance, a call or email to us is the best port of call, but I would also suggest an email with some photos of the confusing or offending parts attached. We like being able to help where we can, and we try and be the best point of contact for all items. Sometimes, we will have to refer you to the item’s manufacturer for confirmation, but we can give you the best number to call over the phone.

Q. Some of the items I ordered have not been sent.

A. Don’t fret. Some of the items you ordered may have been shipped separately. It’s best to take a look at your invoice or packing note, just to see what has been shipped. In the event that you think something is missing or has been overlooked, call us for clarification.

Q. I was due to get a freebie, but it has not been delivered with my order.

A. Please see the answer above.

Q. I received a freebie with my order but it is broken or does not work.

A. Sometimes we send out freebies with our goods as an incentive for the customer to purchase with us. Although we pack and send items we believe will enhance the experience of your product, and we never knowingly ship an item with a fault, we regret that we cannot send a replacement out if a fault is found with a free of charge item.

The items were provide free are not built into the price of any of the items were supply, and come directly out of our margins to enhance the products we provide. They are not covered under any warranty you may receive from buying the product, and these package deals will in most cases not be affiliated with any deal made by the suppliers.

However, we hope your other items are all in order and thank you again for choosing our company.

Q. I’m missing an instruction or user manual. Help!

A. As standard, service or instruction manuals come as standard (or should do!) with all items. If you are missing one, we do make an attempt where possible to include any documentation for all products on their respective product pages on our website. These documents can be found under the ‘attachments’ banner, on each product page. If the ‘Attachments’ panel is not shown, or is showing ‘0’ next to it on a product page, please email and we will attempt to track a manual down from the relevant supplier for you.

N.B. This may not always be obtainable in all situations, though we will try our best in every individual situation.

Issues With My Item

Q. My machine will not start.

A. If this is your first time using the machine, there could be a number of small quick things to try, which will normally get the machine started. Do not fear the worst. Often with new items they need some slight breaking in, and we are on hand to try and help as best we can with that. If our first recommendations do not do the trick, then call us and we will happily provide you with the number for the relevant service department of the specific supplier your machine comes from.

Unless otherwise specified, your item will come with a warranty which is upheld by the main supplier. Though we do try and offer an initial aftersales service, we are not engineers and we are also not designated to make decisions regarding the items in question. We like to be able to get you in touch with the right contact who can help you, and often in 9/10 scenarios will have your item working just by talking to you over the phone.

To find out more about warranty information, click HERE.

If this is not your first time using your product, for example if it has been in storage for some time, then again there are some simple but different techniques that might need to be applied in order to get your machine going. Again, if we can’t help you as a first point of reference, ask us to put you in touch with someone who can help you. They will also be more informed as to whether or not you will need to claim under warranty for your item.

Q. I have changed my mind and want to return my product.

A. That is fine. We offer a 7-day no quibble turnaround (for domestic UK-based customers only) on all items bought from us. If you change your mind, you will need to return the item in question to the depot it left from before your refund is eligible to be processed. As it is then up to the customer to return it, you will be liable to pay the carriage for both the outbound shipping as well as the return shipping of the item, and will be responsible for the machine arriving back in the same condition as it was sent out. Any boxes, pallets and packaging, as well as any free items must all be returned and you will also be responsible for any re-stocking and labour charges incurred by an engineer having to retest an item before it can be released for a refund. After a deduction of these fees, and on instruction by the supplier that the machine has been returned in a suitable condition, we can then issue a refund minus the deductions which are made reference to in this paragraph.

Q. Why do I have to pay carriage both ways?

A. We know a product may not always be right for you and it takes looking at it physically before you will know that. If you change your mind on a product, we are happy to refund you, but we have to make sure that we do not lose out ourselves. We dropship everything we sell online, which means we keep nothing in stock with us in any great number and send it directly to the customer from our supplier’s warehouses.

We are charged for shipping out an item, a cost which in most circumstances, we cover ourselves. If we don’t charge you the carriage both ways, and end up refunding you in full, we would lose money. If this happened on a number of transactions, we would always be working on a loss, and as we work on a reduced margin for most items, we just cannot afford to do this, so we have to pass these charges on.

We understand that you may want to return items. We get that. We would just suggest that you make real sure that the items you are ordering are the items that you want and need.

In return, we are doing our best to bring you all the latest things we can, to help you make the correct informed decision. These include 360° videos, product reviews, blogs, customer testimonials and as many photos of the products from as many angles as we can get our hands on. We really don’t want to have to charge you for shipping, but to keep ourselves going, we have to.

Q. The item(s) I have received are not what I ordered.

A. If there has been a mistake or you think something isn’t quite right, then it is best to call us directly and someone in sales will be able to help you find out what the problem is or where it went wrong. We’ll help you out as much as possible, just give us a call.

Q. The item is faulty.

A. Please call us if you find a fault with your item. We would need to know about this straight away and will give you the number for the correct department at the manufacturer's or importer’s offices. They will need to know what the fault is and be better placed to tell you what is covered under your product’s warranty.

Q. I am having difficulty assembling my new machine.

A. It may seem like a simple thing to say, but we get a lot of calls from people who just have not bothered to read the instructions. If you have done so, and you’re still having difficulty, you may need to talk to the supplier of the machine, so we will be able to give you the correct number if all else fails.


Q. I want to register my item under warranty but don’t know how.

A. Generally, most items we send out will have a warranty registration card included in the box, and you will need to fill these out and return to the address provided.

Q. Once I send this off, am I registered with you?

A. No, not us. ThePowerSite is a dealer for a range of brands, goods and services. We’re basically a middle man, charged with being the missing link between the importers and chief distributors, and the end users. We would take your order, and provide a first point of contact for you, however, the liability of the item lies with the importer/distributor in each case.

We’re happy to be able to point you in the right direction, but we don’t cover the warranty on any items, so you would need to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly.

Q. Do I really need to register my machine for warranty?

A. Yes. If a registration form is included in the box of the item you have purchased, you need to fill it in a return it as soon as you get it, or you may not be able to make a claim in the future. Also, why would you not want to make sure your item/s were as protected as they could be?

Q. I want or need to make a warranty claim.

A. Please contact the manufacturer for the product you want to claim for directly. Their details should be on the packing note, instruction manual or other documentation you had when you received the machine. If you cannot find it, we’ll be happy to provide you with a number.

You may be asked to provide a proof of purchase when making a claim. We can re-supply a copy of an invoice should you so need it.

Q. Who do I call for warranty information?

A. We can try and offer you an answer in the first instance, but you will be better off in the long run, calling the company with which you registered your warranty with

Q. My machine or product is out of warranty. What do I do now?

A. Well, it is no longer covered by the manufacturers, but it doesn’t mean that all ties are cut. Most manufacturers or suppliers will still happily carry out routine or critical servicing on an item, however this will mostly likely be at a cost to you.


Q. I want to have my machine serviced. What do I need to do?

A. You would need to contact the manufacturer or an officially designated servicing department for your item. To find out more, to get information on local services or to see how to go about getting your machine serviced, please call the company that deals with your warranty.

Note: Regular or annual servicing may be a requirement to fulfil on which your terms of warranty depend. Make sure you keep a maintenance record where at all possible.

Q. I want to service my machine myself. What do I need?

A. Servicing information is normally found in the user manual for your product. If you know what parts you need to service your machine, they may be available from us, or directly through the supplier and distributor.

Q. Where can I buy parts from?

Some parts may be available from us, or directly through the supplier and distributor.

Q. I’ve lost or broken a part/s. Where can I get replacements?

A. We may have some parts that you require so it’s worth checking with us. Otherwise you will need to go directly through the supplier or distributor in question.


Q. I want to buy accessories for my item.

A. We keep a number of accessories in stock. It’s worth calling us as we may not have some of them listed yet, or they may be on one of our other websites, which you may not have seen.

Q. I have an accessory for my item. Will it work?

A. It may do. If you want to check with us or the manufacturer before fitting a third party attachment, then that would probably be the best way to go about it. Photos of the part or accessory will always help us confirm specific parts are OK for use with your item, or in some cases would advise against it.

Website Related

Q. There is an error on your website I’d like to point out.

A. Thank you. We’re constantly trying to update and revamp our site, and sometimes errors can occur so it’s helpful to know about this. Please email us at and put the subject as ‘ERROR ON SITE’.

Q. There is conflicting information on your website I’d like clarification on.

A. If you have seen a product with conflicting information, then it is always worth contacting us before a purchase just to make sure of the correct specifications. We try to be thorough and accurate in our listings, but every product is inputted manually into our websites, and human error does occur occasionally, so we’d like to have the opportunity to put right what we may have wrongly listed, and then provide you with the accurate information.

Please call 01437 700 123 or email

Q. There is a link on your website which doesn't work.

A. Please point it out to use and we can fix ASAP. Thank you.

Q. I’d like to leave a review. How can I do it?

You can leave a review on our TrustPilot profile.

Q. Do I need an account to order with you?

A. No, you can purchase items without the need to create an account. However, for future purchases for accessories or replacements, etc, you will have to fill in all of your billing and address details each time you order. If you create an account, a lot of this information is stored so it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to place an order with us.

Note: Our website does not store customer card details of any description. These will need to be re-inputted on our site each time. Name, billing and delivery address information, as well as customer contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses. Whilst we recognise the sensitive nature of this information, please be reassured that ThePowerSite take a proactive view to making sure that stay well within the strictures our legal requirements on data protection. We do not partake in any schemes in which we buy, sell or trade any customer information and our website is covered by a secure SSL certificate, protecting your information from being accessed by anyone else but official company representatives or employees.

If you have any queries on this matter, we welcome your calls and comments.