• Kinteic Log Splitters are Here...But What are They?

    What is a Kinetic Log Splitter? A Kinetic Log Splitter doesn't use conventional hydraulics to split the wood. Instead, it uses kinetic energy. The engine of a kinetic log splitter provides power to a flywheel system. that stores the kinetic energy as it spins. Once you engage the lever, this kinetic energy is transferred to...
  • August Lawn Care - Some Tips

    News, Garden Maintenance
    The Rain Has Arrived After a very dry summer so far, the rains have finally hit the UK giving our parched gardens a much-needed boost. But with the rain it will have created a few jobs to ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape for the rest of the year, so we've put together a list...
  • How to help your lawn during a drought

    Garden Maintenance
    Hot Summer Days and Drought... Yet again, we've had another very dry summer, lots of sunshine and a bit of drought. This is great from the perspective of being able to get out there in the sunshine and enjoy yourself with family and friends, plenty of days out, trips to the beach, BBQ's and relaxing...
  • Hyundai Electric Start Petrol Lawnmowers Hit Top Spot

    Hyundai Hit Bullseye with top 2 spots for their electric start lawnmowers We're exceptionally pleased to announce that two of the Hyundai Electric Start Lawnmowers have been a hit with our customers, so much so, they rank Number 1 and Number 2 by Best Review Guides  Unlike many review sites, who pay a reviewer to...
  • Hyundai Introduces New 4 Stroke Garden Machinery, But What Differences Does It Offer?

    Landing - Garden Maintenance
    New From Hyundai, New to The PowerSite Hyundai Power Equipment has launched a new range of 4 Stroke powered garden machinery which have just launched and is available to buy via The PowerSite The range at the moment consists of: HY4B26: A 26cc petrol engined Leaf Blower with 120mph blow speed moving 55m/s HY4HT26: A 26cc...
  • The PowerSite Mighty Lawn Mower Sale from Hyundai

    ThePowerSite is very pleased to announce that we can offer some huge summer discounts on the Hyundai and Hyundai Powered range of lawn mowers in our massive Mighty  Lawn Mower Sale. PASSING ON THE DISCOUNT We've worked closely with Hyundai and Hyundai powered products for many years and have had great success and feedback on their...

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