• Dig out the Brush Cutter : The Weeds are Still Growing.

    Uncategorised, Garden Maintenance
    Milder winters mean we are continuing garden maintenance well beyond the usual seasonal times, so it's time to dig out the brush cutter. Although growing at a slower rate, plants and weeds are still growing so now is an ideal time to break out the brush cutter and give the unruly undergrowth a good trimming...
  • Preparing your Generator for Winter

    WInter is coming... We're rapidly reaching the season where a home generator may come into its own. With another harsh winter forecast, it's time to get your generator out of storage and check it over. Safety First Before carrying out any inspection or servicing make sure you do this outdoors and with the correct personal...
  • Hyundai HYCM160 Electric Cement Mixer

    Construction Equipment
    New for 2018 Hyundai has added a cement mixer to its line up of construction equipment for 2018. Offering a large output of perfectly mixed materials the HYCM160 is ideal for small to medium sized building projects. Cement Mixer Specification The HYCM160 mixer is powered by a 230v 650w maintenance-free electric motor which can be...
  • Garden Machinery Bargains in our Autumn Sale

    Garden Machinery Sale Autumn has well and truly arrived but there are still plenty of jobs to be done in and around the garden. Thankfully, ThePowerSite has got you covered with a great range of discounts on essential garden machinery. Here's just a selection of garden machinery that can be found in our Autumn Sale...
  • Cordless Garden Machinery : Hyundai's All New 60v Range

    New 60v Cordless Garden Machinery Range from Hyundai Battery powered tools are nothing new but with the continual development of Lithium-Ion batteries and electric motors, they can now rival petrol and corded electric machines. Hyundai's new range of 60v garden machinery offers users more power, more run time and much less pollution, meaning cordless machines...
  • Kinetic Log Splitters are Here...But What are They?

    What is a Kinetic Log Splitter? A Kinetic Log Splitter doesn't use conventional hydraulics to split the wood. Instead, it uses kinetic energy. The engine of a kinetic log splitter provides power to a flywheel system. that stores the kinetic energy as it spins. Once you engage the lever, this kinetic energy is transferred to...

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