Camping Power Solutions

Whether you want to run a microwave, TV, a hair dryer or hair straighteners, we have an off-grid power solution for your next camping trip with our range of pure sine wave leisure generators or lithium power banks. Our great range of inverter generators and power stations deliver pure sine wave electricity enabling you to stay off grid for longer without having to do without your must-have gadgets and gizmos. With a clean pure sine wave supply our leisure generators and power banks are capable of powering even sensitive equipment such as laptops - unlike lesser machines which can cause damage to some electrical equipment. Our leisure generators for motorhomes and caravans range from 1000w all the way up to built-in RV generators with a rated power of 7.5kW. Or choose the greener alternative with a lithium power station for your motorhome, caravan, campervan or tent coupled with a folding solar panel for recharging. NOTE: Leisure generators are ideal for camping, but are not suitable as a primary power source for full-time off-grid homes. NEVER use a petrol generator in an enclosed space.