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Your one-stop shop for power equipment such as garden machinery, generators, pressure washers, water pumps, air compressors, power tools, construction equipment and more, ThePowerSite have machinery suitable for every level of the market - from homes and gardens to commercial and industrial. We also offer machinery for sale from well-known brands such as Hyundai, BE Pressure, Black + Decker, GardenTek and generators powered by Cummins.

Our range of garden machinery has something suitable for almost every gardening task, offering you the choice of cost-effective petrol, battery-powered or corded electric models depending on your preference and budget. ThePowerSite features lawnmowers and grass trimmers for easily keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy; tillers for preparing soil in your allotment or vegetable garden; scarifiers and lawn aerators for removing thatch for a green, healthy lawn; leaf blowers for clearing your garden of autumn leaves and other debris throughout the year; chainsaws for felling trees and chopping logs for your woodburner; hedge trimmers (with both long-reach and smaller handheld models available) for creating the perfect hedge border for your garden or for sculpting shrubs; and wood chippers for transforming these trees and branches into wood chippings for easy composting or for use on top of your flowerbeds.

If you’re looking for reliable backup or prime power for your home, business or site, or even power for your camping or caravan holiday, you’re bound to find something suitable for your needs in our selection of generators. With an increase in UK power cuts having recently been in the news, you can minimise any disruption and profit loss in your business or even if you rely on Wi-Fi or power whilst working from home. Keep any power tools or lighting towers powered around your working site with one of our budget-friendly open-frame petrol generators. Our range of inverter generators are compact, lightweight and quiet – ideal for powering caravans, motorhome and camping holidays and allowing you to bring your home comforts with you.

With petrol, diesel and electric models available from a range of brands, our selection of pressure washers allow you to quickly and effectively clean your outdoor spaces around your home or commercial grounds. Our electric pressure washers are able to offer an effective clean on a budget, whilst our petrol or diesel portable pressure washers make it easy to clean areas away from mains power. Many of our pressure washers also feature high-quality Annovi Reverberi pumps for reliable and high-power cleaning.

Our range of air compressors include models suitable for home workshops or hobbyist use, all the way up to air compressors to suit demanding, industrial requirements.

For any aspiring DIYers, our power tool selection features a budget-friendly range of both corded electric and cordless battery-powered models. With more power tools being added to the collection regularly, you’re bound to find the right tool for the job.