Hot Water Pressure Washers

Shop for Hot Water Pressure Washers online with The Power Site. A hot water pressure washer is able to cut through stubborn grease, oil and thick grime more quickly and effectively that any other type of power washer. If you’re cleaning oily or greasy surfaces, engines, automotive parts, lorries or tractors, you’ll need hot water able to melt the grease and grime and produce a sparkling finish. Anything that a cold water pressure washer can do, a hot jet washer can do even more quickly, saving time and cleaning deeper, especially good for farm machinery such as tractors, buses, fleet vehicles and car hire applications. The built-in detergent tanks makes these hot water pressure washers even easier to create the clean finish you want. They also have adjustable detergent delivery to fine-tune your desired clean, whether you’re cleaning a factory or doing a lorry wash. 

Buy the best quality diesel hot water power washers online or in store at our showrooms in Pembroke Dock and Warrington, UK.