Police Recover £100,000 Worth of Stolen Generators

Police recovered £100,00 worth of stolen generators heading towards Kent. 

A tracker company alerted the Derbyshire Police on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 that a tracker had been activated travelling south on the M1, heading towards Kent. 

The generators had been stolen from the North Yorkshire area and were found on a lorry that was parked in a lorry park at Tibshelf.

It is not yet known if any arrests have been made. 

Generator Security 

This highlights the importance of making sure your generator is safe and secure, as there is a good possibility that these generators could have been heading out of the country and never seen by the owner again. 

Not only is there the possible financial loss of having to claim on insurance (if insured) and purchase new generators but then there’s the downtime involved with either being without or hiring a replacement.

News source: Nottingham Post