Replacing Your Honda GX160, GX200 or GX390 Petrol Engine

The question begs, why would you need a replacement engine? 

The list of applications for a straight shaft replacement engine are broader than you might think - power washers, compactor plates, water pumps, garden machinery to name just a few. 

This is where the Evopower range of straight shaft replacements engines come into the equation. 

Everyone likes a Honda engine, but no one likes the price tags or terms and conditions. 

The Evopower EVO210 and EVO420 are designed as Honda replacement engines, but based on both performance as well as price tag, surprisingly supersede they really start to show why they are such a popular product that people continually ask for. 

The Evopower EVO210 is a direct replacement for either the Honda GX160 as it has the same mounting brackets or the GX200. 

When comparing the two manufacturers, the most obvious differences are the price tags.

A Honda GX160 retails at £467.93 and a GX200 at £494.24. The EVO210 retails at £112.80, making the Honda an astonishing four times the price!

To some, this may be no surprise as Honda are prolifically expensive yet they have the reputation to command this type of ticket price, but it comes as a surprise to myself when comparing specifications and just how the engines perform. 

The EVO210 not only exceeds supersedes both the GX200s 5.5hp and GX160s 4.8hp with its 7hp, but it also outputs almost 45cc more than the GX160 - and the performance is also exemplary under test conditions, meaning that for a fraction of the price of a Honda, you can indeed command more power.

Similarly, the EVO420 is a direct replacement for the GX390 and again the prices are poles apart yet the cheaper model seems to supersede the Honda on specification.

You might also expect that for such a cheap price that a company like Evopower wouldn’t have a parts or aftersales setup. 

However, when looking further into Evopower’s parts infrastructure and aftersales service, it comes as a surprise that they have full services available to not only the standard of the leading manufacturers, if not better. 

The aftersales number is a standard landline, not a ridiculous 0845 £5 a minute line, and the parts are easily ordered and shipped next day to the UK mainland. 

I guess you could say this sounds like some sort of aggressive marketing strategy? 

It’s simply me sharing our hidden gems of insider knowledge. 

In this case, it's not always buy cheap, buy twice. Unless you want more than one engine, that is.