Product Review: Hyundai HYFT56 Field Trimmer

Today, we took the new Hyundai HYFT56 field trimmer for a bit of a test drive. 

We weren't sure what to expect as we'd not really seen one of these before but as part of the new garden machinery line-up, we were keen to get one out and see what it could do. 

The results as you can see in the video are quite staggering.

The long and the short of it is that we simply weren't prepared for the power that this trimmer puts out and just how much of a beast it is when it comes to overgrown grass strimming. 

Primarily, this trimmer would be used for those people with smallholdings that struggle to keep on top of large acres or gardens before letting them get overgrown, or fencing contractors who need to clear whole areas of growth before doing a job, but it would also be ideal for people connected to equestrian industries who have paddocks or meadows where horses are left to roam. 

The power of the trimmer head is so effortless through even the most dense brush which is down to the powerful engine. 

Probably the most surprising thing for us was that with all this power, the noise level of the field trimmer for something with a 5.5hp engine is very low, and the balance of the machine is fantastic thanks to the large wheel set, which helps the machine's movement as it glided through all the old bracken and long-grass we could find. 

We even took it into the hedge and it didn't miss a beat. 

Check out the video for the in-depth look at it working, and to view or purchase the product, check it out on our online store here.