Petrol vs Electric Pressure Washers

We often get contacted by customers who are weighing up the option of buying a petrol pressure washer or an electric pressure washer who want to know the true difference in the cleaning power. 

Whether your cleaning requirements are domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial, a petrol pressure washer will make quicker work of even the most challenging cleaning tasks. 

We thought we'd give you a visual example of this by pitting a petrol and electric pressure washer against each other. 

Here are our results: 

As you can see, for the money you spend, the petrol pressure washer is nearly twice as efficient as the electric pressure washer. 

The cleaning power of a petrol pressure isn't the only advantage you gain over an electric pressure washer - no cables means that you can take your petrol pressure absolutely anywhere without worrying about your nearest power socket.

Electric pressure washers are perfect if you are using them from one, static location and if you don't want to worry about refueling but we would recommend a petrol pressure washer for achieving the very best cleaning results in the quickest time possible.

You can view our full range of pressure washers here, and our petrol pressure washers here.

If you'd like any assistance in choosing the right pressure washer for you, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01437 700123.