Petrol Pressure Washer Accessory: Snow Foam Lance

The first time you use a petrol pressure washer, it seems like your cleaning couldn't possibly get any better.

It's true that for effective and efficient cleaning, you won't find a better tool for the job than a pressure washer. 

What you might not know is that your cleaning results with a petrol pressure washer can be enhanced further with a handful of accessories, such as different nozzles or flat surface cleaners

When it comes to cleaning vehicles, however, there's no better tool for the job than a snow foam lance. 

This snow foam lance from BE Pressure has a large 1 litre capacity and is designed to provide total coverage on even the largest of vehicles. 

To use it, you simply attach it to the end of your petrol pressure washer lance, and spread it around evenly. 

The black nozzle at the top of the bottle can be rotated to increase or decrease the spread, allowing you to focus the stream exactly where you want it with precision. 

Snow foam makes cleaning a vehicle easier because of the way in which mud, dirt and grime mixes with the thick, mousse-like foam. 

Once the two have mixed, the dirt softens and becomes much quicker and easier to wash off with your pressure washer. 

When compared to using a pressure washer by itself, a snow foam lance can dramatically cut your cleaning time down. 

As for how it compares to cleaning your car with a bucket and sponge, it's simply in another league of efficiency and convenience. 

As you can see from the above video, this Honda Petrol Pressure Washer was able to make a filthy Land Rover look brand new in no time at all with the help of a snow foam lance. 

It's not just increased efficiency that is a main selling point for a snow foam lance, however, as it will also reduce the risk of creating scratches or swirls, which are common problems when cleaning a vehicle by hand with a sponge. 

A snow foam lance is the perfect petrol pressure washer accessory for both domestic and professional users.

In the home, it will reduce the time you spend cleaning your car on a Sunday afternoon, and for a business it will allow you to clean cars quicker and squeeze more business into one day. 

Built to the highest BE Pressure standards, this snow foam lance features a brass manifold and stainless steel nozzles, ensuring longevity and consistently high performance. 

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