The Advantages of Petrol Leaf Blowers

Petrol leaf blowers offer many advantages over corded electric leaf blowers, so whenever we get asked by a customer what model they should buy, we always recommend a petrol-driven model. 

It’s true that petrol leaf blowers are more expensive than electric leaf blowers; however, for the added performance and convenience you gain, the extra investment is always worth it.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a leaf blower is the amount of time you will spend using it. 

To keep your garden looking its best over the autumn and winter, you’ll find yourself powering up your leaf blower 2-3 times a week when the weather is at its worst. 

Because you’ll be using it so frequently, you’ll want a model which has the power to quickly and effectively deal with piles of leaves, litter, twigs, stones and other small debris. 

Take the performance of the  Hyundai HYBV2600X for example - this petrol leaf blower from Hyundai is powered by a 26cc engine which produces a maximum blowing speed of 157mph. 

This is the type of performance that is required for easily dispersing large collections of debris in your garden and where petrol-powered leaf blowers excel. 

You also have to keep in mind the restrictions that a corded leaf blower will hinder you with. A nearby power source will be required to keep the leaf blower running and you'll also have to to keep your cables carefully managed to ensure you have a safe work area. 

To get a petrol leaf blower up and running, you simply need to keep the petrol tank filled, and then you're free to move around without any restriction.

Even if you have a small garden or premises, the freedom of being able to move around without worrying about the reach of your machine is extremely convenient. 

When it comes to running costs, you’ll find that petrol leaf blowers are powered by efficient engines which will provide you with impressive running times before refuelling is required. 

As you can see, petrol leaf blowers provide the power needed to shift debris, are free from the restrictions which hinder electric models and can even be cheaper to run. 

Hopefully now you understand why we always encourage our customers to invest in a petrol leaf blower and we always get positive feedback when they do. 

You can browse our full range of petrol leaf blowers  here, and if you need any assistance then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01437 700123.