Petrol Inverter Generators for Caravans and Camping

It’s undeniable that the appeal of a caravan or camping trip is to be at one with nature, away from busy city life and with a beautiful view in front of you. 

Even so, it’s always nice to be able to bring life’s modern luxuries with you wherever you go, and that’s why a petrol inverter generator should be considered a must-have piece of equipment for any keen traveller. P

A Lot of Power In a Compact Design

The adage 'great things come in small packages' is very often true, and in the case of inverter generators it definitely is. 

Whereas petrol generators designed for commercial or construction applications tend to be large machines, an inverter generator is designed to fit in small spaces on your trips away from home. 

The smaller models that produce 1kW-2kW are so small they could easily fit in your boot, storage cupboard or footwell. 

Portable Inverter Generators from Hyundai 

The compact design doesn’t just make them easy to fit in tight spaces, as they’re also incredibly lightweight.

A common nickname for inverter generators is a 'suitcase generator', since they usually have a handle on top and are easy to carry around. 

The smallest models can weigh as little as 13kg. Larger inverter generators can even be supplied with wheel kits, eliminating the need for you to carry them entirely. 

Since you’ll be moving your generator to and from your caravan, car or camper van on a regular basis, consider the ideal size and weight when you’re looking at your buying options. 

A Refined, User-Friendly Design 

A generator can be an intimidating piece of equipment for novice users; however, inverter generators are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. 

Many features that now come as standard are designed purely to make running a generator as simple as possible.

For example, digital overload protection and low oil shutdown will protect the inverter generator from suffering any damage if the load applied is too great, or if oil levels fall below the minimum requirement. The generator will simply shut down and you will be able to restart it, after lowering the load or re-filling it with oil. 

Many people think that investing in a generator means committing a lot of time to maintenance; however, that simply isn’t the case with the vast majority of inverter generators. 

The requirements will vary depending on the model you have, but you shouldn’t need to dedicate more than half an hour of maintenance every couple of weeks to ensure your generator performs at its very best. 

Enjoy The Peaceful Outdoors With a Quiet Petrol Generator 

You may think that a petrol generator will echo around the countryside when it’s running; however, most inverter generators are designed to keep the sound produced to an absolute minimum. 

The Hyundai range of inverter generators, for example, produces just 58dBa at 7 metres. 

Buying an inverter generator that has a low noise output is important for two reasons. 

For starters, you don’t want your holiday to have an irritating soundtrack of a generator running in the background. 

Secondly, if you’re near other families, you won’t want to be disturbing them either. 

Some generators have an 'economy' mode which will lower the sound produced even further, which leads us onto… 

Save Money And Extend The Lifespan of Your Petrol Generator 

The 'economy' mode on an inverter generator is one of the most popular features and for good reason. 

When the 'economy' mode is engaged, the engine revs will lower to match only the load that is being asked of it. 

So, if you had a 1kW generator, but the appliance you had plugged in needed only 500w, the 'economy' mode would slow the engine down to produce just 500w, rather than the full 1kW. 

A slower running engine has several benefits. We’ve already mentioned one which is the lower noise output, but it also decreases fuel consumption which prevents you from needing to re-fuel it as frequently as you would under normal operating conditions, which in turn saves you money. 

Furthermore, because the engine is running slower, it’s being stressed less and the overall lifespan of the generator will be improved. 

You’ll be able to run your inverter generator in 'economy' mode in all but the most demanding of circumstances, so we highly suggest you look for an inverter generator with this functionality. 

Power Your Sensitive Electronic Appliances 

Inverter generators are generally used to power televisions, radios, hair dryers, hair straighteners, small air compressors, electric heaters, laptops, lights and so on.

These types of sensitive electronic appliances require a consistent supply of energy, with any fluctuations capable of causing severe damage. 

For this reason, when looking for the right inverter generator, you will want one which produces a pure sine wave output. 

This term might seem complicated, but it simply means that the energy produced by the generator is similar to what is produced by the mains supply, making it perfectly safe to use with all of the above appliances and many more. 

Convert It To Run Off Petrol and LPG 

One of the biggest benefits of an inverter generator, especially for caravan owners, is the fact that it can be converted to be 'dual fuel', meaning it can run off either petrol or LPG. 

If you own a caravan and already use and store LPG on your travels, having your inverter generator converted to run off LPG results in many benefits. 

These benefits include:

  • It can be plugged directly into gas hookup on a caravan. 
  • Further reduced engine noise, even lower than the 58dB produced when running on petrol. 
  • Improved combustion, as LPG reaches the engine in gas form, rather than liquid. 
  • Enhanced starting, even from cold, with a smoother ignition. 
  • The engine oil does not become diluted which results in lower servicing costs; however, regular servicing is still recommended. 
  • Lower running costs, especially for users who already store LPG in their caravan. 
  • No need to have to store or bring a supply of petrol with you if you do already have a supply of LPG. 

A Modern Design 

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is worth mentioning that inverter generators are generally a lot more appealing to the eye than commercial petrol generators. 

The small form factor contributes largely to this, but they’re also available in a variety of colours and will look great in front of your caravan, tent or campervan. 

We’re not saying they’re fashion accessories, but looking cool never hurts! 

Which Inverter Generator is For You? 

Now that you know exactly what to look for in an inverter generator, you will be able to make an educated purchase for your caravan or camping adventures. 

You can browse the full range of petrol inverter generators here, and if you require any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on 01437 700123.