Natural Gas and LPG Generators: The Advantages of Owning One

LPG & Natural Gas Generators 

An LPG or Natural Gas generator can be beneficial as a standby generator for producing backup electrical power in case of power cuts.

LPG and Natural Gas are around half the price of petrol or diesel, reducing overall running costs. 

Efficient Power Generation

LPG and Natural Gas are also more efficient. The Briggs & Stratton G80 being able to run for up to 22 hours on a single 47kg bottle of LPG. 

Environmentally Friendly

Natural Gas and LPG generators produce emissions that are less harmful to the environment as they produce less carbon dioxide per unit of energy. 

Petrol and diesel generators release soot and ash into the atmosphere whereas the cleaner-burning LPG or gas does not. 


Convenience plays a big role as there is the dependability of mains gas, and an LPG bottle can be delivered to your door. 

This makes it ideal for homes or businesses in more remote locations. 

LPG can be stored for much longer periods of time than petrol or diesel which can begin to deteriorate in as little as 3 months.

Low Running Costs 

General maintenance costs are lower with a natural gas or LPG generators. 

The fuels burn more cleanly making the engine run much more effectively and efficiently. This means internal components will last much longer.

LPG and natural gas generators run much quieter, making them more suitable for residential and low-noise areas. 

LPG and natural gas generators produce a cost-effective and reliable source of backup power with lower greenhouse gas emissions, so if you’d like to discuss options then get in touch.