Lighting Towers for Construction and Events

The Evopower Pro range of lighting towers provides reliable outdoor lighting solutions for all types of outside work and public events. 

With increasing health and safety requirements, it’s now more important than ever to provide sufficient lighting coverage. 

Typical locations which benefit from lighting towers includes construction sites, mines, roadworks, car parks, fairs, parks, festivals and more. 

Long-Running Diesel Power 

Evopower PRO Lighting Towers are powered by powerful, reliable and long-running diesel engines from renowned manufacturers such as Kohler and Kubota.

They can be powered by red diesel, which is significantly cheaper than white or road diesel, and the large fuel tanks keep them powered for up to 340 hours. 

This makes them ideal for use on projects which require constant lighting, or as semi-permanent placements to reduce the amount of time spent refuelling them.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Some of the Evopower PRO Lighting Towers are built with advanced light detection sensors which automatically start and stop when the ambient light has reached a predetermined level.

Not only does this functionality add a layer of convenience, it also provides huge cost savings as they require very little maintenance.

If you’re looking to save on staff and travel costs, these models are ideal for you. 

The cost savings isn’t the only benefit to these lighting towers, however, as they also produce up to 30% less pollution levels when configured correctly. 

This allows you to operate knowing that you’re reducing your carbon usage as much as possible. 

A Safe Working Environment 

The quicker and easier it is to identify a hazard, the more likely it is to be avoided. Because of this, a high quality lighting tower is invaluable on work sites. 

Evopower Lighting Towers are capable of illuminating large areas, up to 4200m² @ 20 lux, which maximises working areas and provides a safer environment for the general public. 

Going up to a maximum height of 9 metres, these tower lights are extremely stable and built on sturdy bases. 

They’re built to remain in place during high wind, and in the event of any damage being caused to the hydraulic system, the safety manual pump enables lowering of the tower. 

What Lighting Tower Suits Your Needs? 

Now that you know the advantages of an Evopower PRO Tower Light, you can browse the full selection here

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