Leaf Blowers - Not Just For Clearing Leaves?

Are you getting the best from your leaf blower? 

A leaf blower is great for the task its name suggests but it can have more than just the one use.

Clearing gutters 

No one enjoys sticking their hands into wet leaves so use your leaf blower to make short work of clearing gutters, making sure you have a secure ladder first. 

Drying the car 

No one likes water spots and streaks on a clean car so use your garden blower to quickly dry your car. 

Take into consideration if you're on a gravel drive that this may not be the best solution as you don't want stones flying everywhere. 

Clearing vents 

If you use a tumble dryer, you'll know about the build-up of fluff and lint you get in the dryer vent. This can be a fire hazard and affects your dryer's overall efficiency. 

Using a leaf blower to clear all this build up is simple and effective but be aware as petrol leaf blowers create carbon monoxide and should not be used indoors or in enclosed spaces. 

Cleaning other garden equipment 

Use a leaf blower to clean other garden equipment such as your mower. A blower will quickly remove those grass clippings that collect on the top of the lawnmower deck. 

The inside of your car 

When cleaning the inside of your car, remove anything vital and open all the doors - a good blast from a garden blower will remove loads of dirt and debris, making the final vacuum much easier. 

Again take into consideration that petrol leaf blowers produce carbon monoxide so don't use it in an enclosed space. 

Light snow 

A good petrol leaf blower will easily clear light powder snow from driveways and pathways. 

Running cables 

If you need to run a length of wire or cable through some conduit or pipe, then attach some foam or sponge to one end of the wire and use the leaf blower to push it the rest of the way through, again taking into consideration carbon monoxide.

Your garden blower is not just a great tool for clearing leaves, it has a multitude of other uses to save you time and effort.