How We Ran Our Evopower EVO6000SELR Diesel Generator For Over 3000 Hours

Yes, you read that headline right: We've been running our  Evopower EVO6000SELR Diesel Generator for over 3000 hours now.

3303 hours to be exact, and the clock is still ticking. 

How did we achieve this? 

Simply by following the servicing guidelines to ensure it was properly maintained. 

It really is as simple as that, and it goes to show that Evopower generators can produce the same high quality output and reliability as bigger name brands, at a much lower price point. 


Here is what we've done with the generator: 

  • After the first 20 hours, we changed the oil. 
  • Every 100 hours thereafter, we changed the oil again. 
  • After every 500 hours we changed all of the filters. 

The machine developed minimal faults over the course of the 3303 hours: 

  • The brushes needed changing after 1750 hours, which is part of normal wear and tear.
  • After 2255 hours, the starter motor became sticky and needed to be changed.
  • Then again after 2607 hours, the starter motor needed changing one more time. 

These low-cost and small replacements are to be expected after such a long running time, and pale in comparison to the amount of problems that diesel generators built from lower quality parts would develop. 

We've heard horror stories of diesel generators packing in completely after a few hundred hours of use, sometimes much less than that. 

What we hoped to achieve with this experiment was prove how many hours of service a diesel generator can produce if it's properly maintained.

The service requirements are low, so it's easy to follow the schedule outlined in the manual, and if you do your generator will continue to perform to a high standard. 

This is just one example of the ongoing product testing that we carry out at The PowerSite HQ to ensure that we always bring you the highest quality products available. 

Note: Although we've been properly servicing the generator to ensure it runs correctly, we haven't been concerned about having it look its best. It's had to sit outside in the best and worst of the British weather, with many other machines we've been testing, so it doesn't look too pretty any more. With the proper care and attention, your diesel generator can look much nicer than this. 

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