How To Assemble a Petrol Pressure Washer

When you first receive your petrol pressure washer it will require some assembly. 

This can be daunting for some novice users; however, it is actually a very simple process.

To show you just how quick and easy it is, we've put together this simple guide for you. 

For the purpose of this guide we're using a Hyundai HYW4000P, but most of these steps will still apply to the majority of domestic and commercial petrol pressure washers. 

This guide is meant to give you a quick overview of the process, however, and should not replace the information found in your product manual. If in doubt, always refer to your manual. 

Attaching The Handles 

To attach the handle, place it onto the handle supports which are connected to the main unit. 

Carefully align the handles with the holes and slide them in. 

Insert the carriage bolts through holes in the handle frame from the inside and attach the plastic knob on the outside. 

Tighten these by hand, and ensure they are tight and will not vibrate loose. 

If your pressure washer is supplied with multiple quick connect nozzles, insert them into the corresponding spaces on the handle. 

Fill It With Oil and Petrol

Locate the oil dipstick on the engine and remove it, then fill it to the upper limit mark with the correct oil as specified in your user manual. 

Next, unscrew the petrol cap and fill it with unleaded petrol to the upper limit mark. 

With your pressure washer filled with oil and petrol, place it on level ground ready for the following steps. 

Preparing Your Hoses and Spray Gun

With your pressure washer on level ground, connect your garden hose to the water inlet. 

Then, take your wand extension and attach it to the spray gun and tighten it by hand. 

Uncoil your high pressure hose and attach the quick connect end to the base of the spray gun. 

To do this, pull down the collar of the quick connect, slide it onto the spray gun and then let go of the collar.

Tug on the hose to make sure the connection is tight. 

Take the opposite end of the high pressure hose and attach it to the high pressure outlet on the pump.

Again, tug on the hose to check the connection. 

Start Up Procedure 

When you're ready to start using your pressure washer, choose your desired nozzle and attach it to the end of the nozzle extension collar. 

Turn your water supply on. 

Point the gun in a safe direction and squeeze the trigger to purge the pump of air. 

Do this for at least 30 seconds keeping the trigger pulled. 

Look at all of the connections to make sure there are no leaks. 

Turn the engine switch to the 'ON' position. 

Then turn the fuel valve to the 'ON' position. 

Next, apply the choke and keep the trigger squeezed. 

Pull the recoil cord slowly until you feel resistance, then pull it rapidly to start the engine. 

When the engine has started to run, turn off the choke. 

With this short process complete, you're now ready to use your petrol pressure washer for all of your outdoor cleaning requirements. 

You can view our full selection of petrol pressure washers here, and if you require any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us on 01437 700123.