Gravity Fed & Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washers

One of the biggest benefits of a petrol pressure washer over an electric pressure washer is the ability to clean in locations without an electric power supply. There is one restriction for many petrol pressure washers, however, in the fact that you need a mains water supply to feed it water.

Fortunately, not all petrol pressure washers have this restriction, with several models in the Hyundai Power Equipment and BE Pressure ranges featuring the ability to draw water from a water butt or tank with gravity feed or a suction hose.

Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washer

Hyundai Pressure Washers

BE Pressure Washers

Why is this such a huge benefit? It provides professional cleaners with increased freedom to clean in areas without a mains water supply. Whether you're cleaning in an industrial or agricultural area with only water tanks available, you'll know that your pressure washer can reliably draw water from it for the very best cleaning results.

How We Tested The Suction Ability

We placed the pressure washers at three different heights - 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The HYW2500P and HYW3100P could draw water from 1.5m, while every other model on the above list could draw it from the full 2m.

To aid priming when drawing water from a tank with a suction hose we suggest the following steps:

1. Ensure that the suction hose is 100% sealed against air leaks – any air drawn into the suction side of pump will prevent the machine from priming.

2. Connect the pressure washer to a mains water supply and run for 1 minute to free up any sticking valves.

3. Position the pressure washer as close to the water supply as possible.

4. On start-up, to aid priming, prime pump before connecting high pressure hose to pump outlet.

Find The Right Petrol Pressure Washer Today

You can take a look at our petrol pressure washer section to find any of the above models which are capable of drawing water from a gravity feed or suction hose.

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