Emissions and Garden Machinery - Does it Affect Me?

An engine will give off emissions be it fitted to car, lorry or lawn mower, and they’re all regulated by European law to help lower emissions and be more environmentally friendly. 

How do emissions affect my equipment? 

All engines are rated on emissions of Total Hydrocarbon (NOx), Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Particulate Matter (PM). 

As new laws are introduced regarding the reduction in these harmful pollutants, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure any new models conform to the new specification and therefore are compliant for sale in the EU. 

This means costly manufacturer investment into new technologies and processes to ensure their equipment meets the legal requirements for sale. 

This does affect all petrol-powered lawnmowers, strimmers, trimmers, chainsaws, multi-tools, leaf vacuums, leaf blowers and other garden machinery fitted with a gasoline engine.

If a 2-stroke engine says it’s Euro 2, is it? 

It is possible to ‘cheat’ the system and, by introducing a small amount of cheap catalyst to the exhaust on a Euro 1 engine, it will initially pass the emissions testing procedure. 

However, the small amount added will quickly burn out and leave you with the higher polluting Euro 1 specification engine. 

This allows manufacturers to charge less for their equipment, making them seem like better value as they’ve had no investment costs in the newer and updated design that makes a genuine Euro 2 engine. 

Not only will a cheap price be a possible giveaway but there is another way to spot these machines. 

With 2-stroke engines, if the fuel/oil mixture ratio is 25:1 then it will usually be a modified Euro 1 rather than a genuine Euro 2 which will have a fuel/oil mixture ratio of 40:1.

With no annual ‘MOT’ test for garden equipment, some manufacturers will continue to carry on profiting from cheating the system. 

What about Hyundai and emissions? 

All 2-stroke equipment that is powered using a Hyundai engine is guaranteed to be of Euro 2 specification.

Hyundai will continue to invest and develop new technology to ensure we always comply with all legal regulations regarding emissions and environmental practices.