Easy Load Bump Feed Trimmer Head - How To Load The Trimmer Line

Our new line of grass trimmers now come with an easy load bump feed head. 

This makes the nylon line much easier to load over the older grass trimmers where you had to take the head apart. 

Below is a simple guide on how to install trimmer line onto the new grass trimmer heads. 

The new line of heads use 2.4mm trimmer line. 

1. Align the arrows as shown in the photo. 

2. Make sure the line is straight and push the nylon line straight and firmly into the head until it exits through the opposite hole (if it jams, try using the other hole). 

3. Pull through until each side has equal lengths of line. 

4. Twist the centre knob clockwise to wind in the line to the desired length (approx 15cm). 

5. Make sure that this part is in the correct way

It really is as simple as that.