Dipstick Issues with Hyundai Inverter Generators

The issue comes when a customer with a new Hyundai Inverter Generator takes it out of the box and, whether or not they consult the manual, attempts to put oil in the machine. 

Let us walk you through the process. 

1. Remove screws from the side panel of the Hyundai generator

Place this safely to one side.

2. Remove the side panel

This will expose the engine and oil sump. 

3. Raise the feet of the generator on the panel side

This means that the generator tilts away from you. The exposed side must still be pointing toward you. 

Note: Try and make sure it's something sturdier than we used! 

4. Locate the oil sump and remove the sump plug

Do this once the generator is on its side, ready to fill the generator with oil. 

You'll need SAE15w/40 oil, or any good synthetic mineral oil, but 15w/40 is what is usually sent with a new generator. 


See, the generator manual which is printed by Hyundai and distributed all over the world suggests that the correct level of oil to fill the generator should be enough to reach the tip of the dipstick on the end of the sump plug. 

So, when customers remove their oil plugs to find no dipstick, the general thought is that the plastic dipstick has snapped off in transit and is currently lurking in the oil chamber somewhere, ready to do some damage. 

We thought so too, but after consultation with the engineers at Hyundai UK, they tell us that the manual is slightly misleading and that the actual correct oil level to fill up to is as much as you can get into the sump without it draining back out.

The best thing to do is to fill it on an angle (as we have shown) and fill until the oil is visibly touching the threads of the sump (as shown below): 

So, now you know why there is no dipstick on your Hyundai Inverter Generator sump plug. 

We hope this helps you out and you're able to get on with using your generator for the purpose you bought it.