Buying Advice: What Type of Petrol Leaf Blower Do You Need?

Any keen gardener will know the challenges of keeping a garden looking its best over the autumn and winter months - the weeds may be gone but they’re replaced by fallen leaves, small twigs and other forms of debris.

High winds and bad weather always seem to leave the majority of the mess on your lawn and pathways, leaving you constantly tidying up your premises. 

Traditionally, this mess was slowly tidied up with rakes and broom; however, as the price of petrol leaf blowers have fallen in recent years, these have become a much quicker and effective method of keeping your garden clean and tidy. 

Petrol leaf blowers are usually supplied in three variants: solely as a leaf blower, as a leaf blower and vacuum/shredder combination or in a backpack design. 

Each of these designs suit different environments and requirements:

Petrol leaf blowers are suited for users who just want to quickly and easily blow leaves in to a pile. They’re good for small collections of leaves, but aren’t suited for bigger gardens or larger collections of debris. 

Petrol leaf blowers with vacuum/shredder functionality are a more convenient option than standard petrol leaf blowers, as it provides you the option of sucking up and mulching the leaves and debris, rather than just blowing them in to a single spot. This allows you to empty the bag in the desired location, cutting down the time you spend working. 

Backpack petrol leaf blowers are designed for longer use, increased comfort and reduced fatigue. These usually lack vacuum/shredder functionality, and are designed for larger properties with more leaves and debris to manage. 

So which should you buy? 

Personally, we’d always recommend a petrol leaf blower with vacuum/shredder functionality or a backpack petrol leaf blower, due to the added convenience and comfort they provide.

Our customers have always told us that they felt these added more value to their purchase and we agree with them. 

You can browse our full range of petrol leaf blowers here, and if you’d like any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01437 700123.