Britain Facing Longest and Coldest Winter in 50 Years

By now you've probably stored the BBQ away, packed up your shorts and started to turn on your radiators. 

For most parts of the UK, this is the standard procedure for the middle of October, but the seasonal weather that we've all come to expect for this time of year may be considerably worse over the coming weeks and months, as Britain is expected to face its longest and coldest winter in 50 years. 

As weather continues to worsen over the autumn and winter months, a standby diesel generator should now be considered an essential investment for any home or business. 

Met Office meteorologists said conditions could mirror those of the 2009/2010 winter which was so long and chilly it was dubbed ‘The Big Freeze'. This means that Britain could face large snowfall, high winds and heavy rain. 

The National Grid's infrastructure is already near breaking point, with their space capacity at just 1.2%, and bad weather could stretch it too far.

In the winter of 2009/2010, millions of homes and businesses around the UK were left without power, with the worst effected areas left in the dark for nearly a week. 

In the home, a diesel generator can prevent you from spending nights huddled over candlelight and will protected your refrigerated or frozen food from spoiling. 

Businesses that rely on online sales, server rooms or refrigeration will be protected from a loss in income, preventing financial and emotional turmoil. 

Diesel generators have many benefits, including:

  • Low running costs: They can be powered by red diesel, which is significantly cheaper than road diesel or petrol. 
  • Quiet running: Housed in sound attenuated canopies, they will not disturb your family, employees or neighbours. 
  • Long run times: The impressive fuel economy guarantees you won't be constantly refuelling your generator. 

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