New Hyundai Inverter Generators

The best-selling range of Hyundai Inverter Generators has seen an update this year, as the HY1000Si and HY2000Si have been refreshed with more modern designs and new parts under the hood. 

Ideal for caravan, camping and motorhome holidays and adventures, these compact generators remain ideal for the leisure market, but they're now better than ever. 


The most obvious change at first glance is the design of the casing, which is now smaller and sleeker. 

The moulded handles remain at the top of the generators, allowing for easy transportation, but now the weights are even lower than before. 

In the case of the HY2000Si, the 2016 model is a massive 7kg lighter, weighing just 23kg.

The smaller casing and lower weight is made possible thanks to a smaller inverter board, which has been developed by the best of Hyundai's technical team. 

Smaller aesthetic changes, such as the embossed logo on the side, add to the overall appearance of these generators and they simply look and feel more appealing. 


To monitor to the performance and view the vital statistics of your generator at a glance, there's now an LED screen on the front control panel.

This allows you to view: 

  • Voltage output (V) 
  • Frequency (Hz) 
  • Total runtime (Hours) 
  • Engine speed (RPM) 

Hyundai aim to make their inverter generator range as user friendly as possible, which is why this screen has been added. 


As with the older models, these inverter generators are still easily converted to be dual fuel, which allows them to be powered by both LPG and petrol. 

This is an ideal procedure for any caravan owner who will already have a supply of LPG with them on a journey, and has the added benefits of:

  • Reduced engine noise. 
  • Enhanced starting, even from cold. 
  • Lower servicing costs due to the oil not diluting. 
  • Can be plugged directly into the gas hookup on a caravan.
  • No need to store petrol if you already have a supply of LPG. 


Designed to power sensitive electronic appliances such as televisions, heaters, hairdryers, air compressors, radios and more, these inverter generators produce a pure sine wave output which mimics the energy produced by the mains. 

The HY1000Si produces up to 1kW, and the HY2000Si can power equipment up to 2kW. This makes them ideal for everything but the most demanding machines. 


Finally, these models also retain the ever popular economy switch, or 'Eco mode' as Hyundai call it, which allows the generator to lower the engine revs to match only the load that is being applied. 

Not only does this make the generators quieter, it increases the economy which saves you money, and also lowers the stress on the engine which increases the lifespan of the machine. 


You can view the brand new Hyundai Inverter Generator models, along with the rest of the range, in our Inverter Generator section

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