A Beginner's Guide To Using a Petrol Leaf Blower

A petrol leaf blower is a must-have machine for the autumn and winter months, designed to make quick work of fallen leaves, litter, twigs and other small debris that collects on your garden lawn, paths and driveway. 

One of the biggest benefits to a petrol leaf blower over a traditional garden rake or broom is the increased efficiency, dramatically cutting down the time you spend making your garden look its best. There are certain techniques you can use to increase this efficiency even further for the best results, which we’re going to run through in this article. 

Note: These methods are primarily aimed at leaf blowers without vacuum/shredder functionality. 

Tip 1: Plan where you want to collect your pile of leaves

It might seem obvious, but many leaf blower users don’t plan ahead. 

You don’t want to start blowing around leaves then realise that you’re the opposite end of the garden from your compost pile. 

Before you start, always think about where you’re blowing the leaves to and how you will dispose of them. 

Tip 2: Use tarpaulin to move your leaves

Some people use rakes to transfer their leaves from the ground into their bins or compost piles, but a quicker and easier way is to lie down a piece of tarpaulin before you begin. 

Blow all of the leaves on to the piece of tarpaulin and then fold it over to carry or drag it to the desired location.

Tip 3: Start at one end of your garden and stick to a direction

Again, this one might seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that your job will be much easier and quicker if you start at one end of your garden and work in the same direction. 

You don’t want to blow leaves you’ve just moved from one corner of your garden back on to your lawn when you change direction. 

Choose a route around your garden and stick to it. 

Tip 4: Use a sweeping motion to clear leaves quickly

Many people use a petrol leaf blower like a gun, pointing it one direction and then doubling back on themselves to collect the rest. 

A much better method is to gently sweep the leaf blower in a sideways motion, which will reach more leaves and increase efficiency. 

Tip 5: Put your leaves to good use

Once collected, some people simple let their leaves rot away in a compost heap and never think about them again. 

While there is nothing wrong with this, you can put your leaves to good use, and help your garden plants grow, by creating leaf mould. 

Leaf mould can take anywhere up to a year to settle and crumble in to the right condition, but once it has reached the right consistency, it makes great soil conditioner. 

This in turn will help your plants grow in the spring. 

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