• My Lawnmower Won't Start - Possible fuel issues?

    Lawn Mowers
    My lawnmower won't start If you’ve had problems starting your petrol lawnmower, you’ll know just how frustrating that can be. We will run through some of the basic checks that we need to go through to make sure your mower starts first time, every time and help you fix your mower. This time we will...
  • Simple Pressure Washer Care

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    SIMPLE PRESSURE WASHER MAINTENANCE Caring for your petrol pressure washer will see it give you many years of service so here are some simple tips to keep it in good working condition. Before using your pressure washer visually inspect the unit. Check for any leaks from seals and o rings and check the high-pressure hose...
  • What is PayPal Credit?

    Help and Advice
    What is PayPal Credit?   PayPal Credit is like a credit card, without the plastic. It’s a credit limit that’s attached to your PayPal account which you can use for your online purchases. What credit offers are available? Spend over £150inc VAT and choose the PayPal Checkout option.  You will be redirected to your PayPal...
  • Leaf Blower, not just for clearing leaves?

    Garden Maintenance
    Are you getting the best from your leaf blower? A leaf blower is great for the task its name suggests but it can have more than just the one use. Clearing Gutters Clearing gutters, no one enjoys sticking their hands into wet leaves so use your blower to make short work of this task, making...
  • Natural Gas and LPG generators, the advantages of owning one.

    LPG & Natural Gas Generators An LPG or Natural Gas generator can be beneficial as a standby generator for producing backup electrical power in case of power cuts. LPG and Natural Gas are around half the price of petrol of diesel reducing overall running costs. Efficient Power Generation LPG and Natural Gas are also more...
  • Police recover £100,000 worth of stolen generators

    Uncategorised, News
    Police recovered £100,00 worth of stolen generators heading towards Kent. A Tracker company alerted the Derbyshire Police on Wednesday January 10th that a tracker had been activated travelling South on the M1, heading towards Kent.   The generators had been stolen from the North Yorkshire area and were found on a lorry that was parked...

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