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  • ThePowerSite Named #9 In Fast Growth 50 2016

















    ThePowerSite has been named #9 in 2016 Fast Growth 50 sponsored by Barclays. Fast Growth 50 is an annual project that celebrates the best of Welsh entrepreneurship.  First published in the Western Mail in 1999 the Fast Growth 50 award has become a firmly established list of business success that businesses across Wales aspire to.

    Established in 2012, ThePowerSite identified a gap in the market for a online superstore selling only the most reliable brands of power equipment at the best prices.

    Based in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, ThePowerSite stocks a comprehensive selection of power equipment that ranges from standby generators, garden machinery to household power tools which are available to UK and international customers. is completly designed, developed and managed inhouse and prides itself as user friendly, informative and competitive on price ecommerce website. Integrated with both Ebay & Amazon selling channels ThePowerSite constantly develops new ideas to advertise and sell its range products online with ease.  

    One main reason that ThePowerSite growth was made possible is due to the nature of the industry the business is in. The demand for power products such as generators is growing year on year with the UK striving to reach a balance between EU pollution laws and ensuring the security of the electricity supply to the UK.

    ThePowerSite has recently introduced a 0% finance option, allowing customers to pay a deposit and have 12 months interest free credit. This will see an increase in sales over the next few months. The business has also grown due to developing a name for great customer service, all customers are valued extremely highly.  ThePowerSite team of dedicated and informative sales advisors are on hand to support customers when choosing which product is right for them during and after a sale.

    Peter O’Toole founder and chief executive of Retail Merchandising Services sponsored the award,  Retail Merchandising Services are dedicated to enhancing and improving the retail experience for customers across the UK.  The firm's clients include Asda, B&Q, Boots, Tesco, Morrisons and John Lewis and employs more than 800 staff across the UK.  In 2013 it was named the fastest growing firm in retail and wholesale sector at the Fast Growth 50 awards.  Unfortunately Peter passed away in 2015 following a long illness with mesothelioma.

    The Powersite plans to keep up our rapid growth over the next five years and beyond, updating its product range and ensuring  it keeps a close connection with the customer base to further the understanding of what is truly sought after. ThePowerSite plans to start selling a range of UK built generators and power equipment for the export market which will help counter the effect of the weak pound.

    ThePowerSite will also be looking in detail at its current selling platforms (website, eBay and Amazon) and will be continuously updating and improving these platforms to ensure the process of buying a product runs as smoothly as possible for customers. ThePowerSite believes it has achieved a lot in the short time it has been established and plan to further this in the future. With a passion for its products, an understanding of its customers and solid plans for growth, the founders believe that the business will go from strength to strength in the years to come.

    Visit us today at:

    331.3% GROWTH BETWEEN 2013 - 2015

  • Why Buy a Petrol Leaf Blower this Autumn?

    There are many advantages to owning a petrol leaf blower compared to a corded electric leaf blower.

    Although petrol leaf blowers are more expensive than electric leaf blowers, they do provide a higher level of performance and convenience, making the extra investment worth it.

    One of the most important things you will need to consider before purchasing a leaf blower is how much time you will spend using it. In order to keep your garden looking its best over autumn and winter, you will need to clear it with your leaf blower between 2 and 3 times a week when the weather is at its worst. With frequent use, you will want to own a leaf blower model that has enough power to clear all unwanted debris from your garden as quickly as possible.

    Hyundai Petrol Leaf Blower

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  • What to do when your inverter generator won't start


    How to Clean the Carburettor Jets on your Inverter Generator

    One of the most common, but costly mistakes that we see made with portable generators / suitcase generators occurs when users store their inverter generators for long periods of time and forget to remove the previously added petrol from the generator. This often occurs over the winter but problems can occur in as little as two weeks and can cause starting problems next time the inverter generator is used.

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  • What size inverter generator do I need?

    Picking the right inverter generator.

    Knowing which inverter generator provides enough power for your requirements without blowing your budget is a difficult balance. This guide is here to provide you with enough information to choose the right inverter generator without blowing your budget.

    evo INVERTER 2000SEI 07082015

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  • Choosing the Right Pressure Washer for My Business

    What type of pressure washer should I use for my business?

    It is a question we get asked every day. There is such a vast and diverse range of pressure washers available on the market that it has become increasingly difficult to know what the best pressure washer is for your business needs. What are the advantages of a petrol pressure washer compared to an electric or diesel pressure washer? What is the difference between a domestic and an industrial pressure washer? In this post we will explore that and many more frequently asked questions.

    Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washer

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  • Catering Vans: Choosing the Right Generator

    We're often contacted by catering professionals who are looking to provide power to mobile food units. We often recommend open frame generators, and the majority of callers go away happy, but with the emergence of silenced and smaller, quieter generators, it is becoming a more and more difficult task to focus the catering market on the correct product.

  • New Professional PowerEase Petrol Pressure Washer From BE Pressure

    Since being introduced to the UK market, the selection of Honda pressure washers from BE Pressure has made a big impact. By providing exceptional cleaning performance, with the renowned power of Honda driving them, they're the go-to machine for professional cleaners.

    This month, BE Pressure have introduced the first petrol pressure washer to the UK market powered by their own PowerEase engine, in the shape of the B4015RA.

    Petrol Pressure Washer PowerEase B4015RA

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  • Professional Hyundai Socket Sets Now In Stock

    The Hyundai power tool range is expanding this month as 7 brand new universal socket sets are now in stock and ready to order.

    Starting with a 20 piece ¼” drive set and going up to the larger sets with ¼”, ½” and Hex drive, sockets, Allen keys, Torx bits, plus screw drivers, pliers, spanners and more, these are comprehensive sets made from chromium-vanadium steel, providing professional quality and long operating life.


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  • Gravity Fed & Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washers

    One of the biggest benefits of a petrol pressure washer over an electric pressure washer is the ability to clean in locations without an electric power supply. There is one restriction for many petrol pressure washers, however, in the fact that you need a mains water supply to feed it water.

    Fortunately, not all petrol pressure washers have this restriction, with several models in the Hyundai Power Equipment and BE Pressure ranges featuring the ability to draw water from a water butt or tank with gravity feed or a suction hose.

    Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washer

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  • Home & Garden Petrol Pressure Washers

    Everyone knows there's no better way to spend a summer evening than in your garden, but because the British weather can be so appalling during the autumn and winter months, you'll probably have quite a bit of cleaning to do once the sunshine arrives. You could grab a hose pipe, but for the most effective and easy cleaning in and around your garden, you should pick up a petrol pressure washer.

    Honda Petrol Pressure Washer

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