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20kW / 25kVA Single Phase 230v Diesel Generator, Slow-Running 1500rpm UKK20ECO-1 Kubota-Powered Genset by Evopower

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The UKK20ECO-1 is a 230 volt, single-phase 50Hz diesel genset with 25kVA / 20kW standby output and 22.5kVA / 18kW prime power output.

This generator has been designed by Evopower using a high-quality industrial Kubota engine. The UKK20ECO-1 is powered by a 4-cylinder V2003T water-cooled Kubota Diesel Engine.


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The UKK20ECO-1 is a 230 volt, single-phase 50Hz diesel Genset with 25kVA / 20kW standby output and 22.5kVA / 18kW prime power output.

This generator has been designed by Evopower using a high-quality industrial Kubota engine. The UKK20ECO-1 is powered by a 4-cylinder V2003T water-cooled Kubota Diesel Engine.

The single-phase 230-volt Kubota-powered UKK20ECO-1 Generator is able to produce 25kVA / 20kW standby/max output and 22.5kVA / 18kW prime/rated output. This ATS compatible generator is part of the Kubota UKK ECO range of single-phase generators between 8.75kVA and 25kVA for standby and backup purposes - ideal if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to minimise business risk, simply keep your lights on during a power cut or run your home or business off-grid.

The compact and robust design of this 1500rpm diesel generator, with integrated transport features, enables faster and safer transport and installation.

1500rpm generators have slower running, water-cooled engines which are less stressed than the smaller 3000rpm air-cooled generators, which make them a great option if you’re going to use your generator either as backup power or as your main power source.

This powerful generator has a rated sound level of only 75dB at 7m. Noise levels within this Genset are kept to a minimum thanks to Kubota's ETVCS Indirect Injection Combustion System within the engine unit.

Our 20kW / 25kVA UKK20ECO-1 diesel generator has a base fuel tank in the skid of the unit. As with all of our generators, you can use red diesel to save on running costs, without any fear of voiding your warranty.

For peace of mind, both the engine and the generator itself are covered by the Evopower warranty which lasts from 12 months of your purchase date or after 1000 hours use – whichever occurs first, and a leading 3-year warranty on the Genpower alternator.

As with all of our diesel generators, this generator uses high-quality components such as the 4-cylinder, inline 2L V2003-T engine, a quality Genpower GP184H AVR brushless, self-excited alternator, and an advanced Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 control panel.

The brushless alternator reduces risk as there are no brushes to wear through. This prolongs lifespan and prevents downtime.

Powered by a slow-running Kubota V2003-T 4-cylinder 2L diesel engine

This Kubota UKK20ECO-1 slow running diesel Genset is powered by a water-cooled, electric-start Kubota V2003-T 4-cylinder 2L engine and is mechanically governed to run at 1500RPM to maintain a stable 50Hz output from the alternator. The AVR protection ensures the output is safe for use with any sensitive electronic equipment.

With low piston speed and pressure, as well as its one-piece tunnel block construction, this high-quality engine is both reliable and robust and offers a long service life thanks to its sturdy, industrial design.

The engine oil capacity is 7.6L and we recommend using SAE 15W40 oil, and using a 50/50 mix for the coolant/radiator fluid of 50% water and 50% ethylene glycol (anti-freeze).

Controlled by a Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 MKIII control panel

Its high-quality Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 control panel has a large LCD screen that displays generator information in a clear and concise format.

The entire range of Kubota single-phase diesel generators use the same advanced Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 control panel. 

The control panel is packed with safety features to protect your slow-running diesel Genset and is compatible with ATS / auto-start / MTS / manual changeover switches. ATS panels automatically transfer your load or house from the mains supply to generator without any interaction needed in the event of a power cut.

It also has remote start capability, an easily accessible emergency stop button, a voltage and frequency regulator, as well as alerts for:

  • Low oil pressure - which can lead to a lack of lubrication and engine damage

  • High water temperature - which could be a sign that the radiator airflow is blocked or the water level is low

  • High or low voltage - which could signify a problem with the alternator, AVR, or degrading electrical connections and lead to your equipment being damaged

  • High or low frequency or engine over/underspeed - which could signify an issue with the fuel regulation/governor and leads to unstable frequency output

Optional extras for the control panel include GSM remote control connection and Ethernet connectivity, so you can monitor the location, safety alerts, warnings and start/stop your generator using your mobile, PC or laptop. Contact us if you would like more information on these options.


Please note that there are certain regulations in certain areas and countries related to noise, fuel storage and emissions. Please make sure you order the correct generator for your region/location.

The kVA ratings stated are based on the assumption that your load/appliances will have a power factor of 0.8. When you receive the generator, you will notice the spec plate on the setlists it as 20kW / 20kVA with a power factor of 1 (unity). Without being too technical, this is due to the fact the generator itself is in unity and produces a power factor of 1 between the engine power and alternator output. kVA is a rating of 'apparent power and takes into account expected losses within a circuit - like energy being wasted as heat when you run a light bulb. Most loads have losses and it is generally accepted to base the assumption on a power factor of 0.8 when you do not know. We would recommend basing your decision for which generator you need on the amperage draw you require, taken and assessed by a suitable, qualified expert. Feel free to contact us if you require a little more detail on apparent power vs. actual or real power.




Manufacturer Evopower

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