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P1 P3500PWA 3000psi / 207 bar Hyundai IC210 Engine Petrol Pressure Washer

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●  Petrol Pressure Washer powered by the easy starting Hyundai IC210 7HP 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine.

  Ultimate high power pressure washer for everyday use at home - ideal for cleaning patios, driveways, cars, off-road bikes, boats etc. 

  Easy assembly- quick fit puncture proof 12” wheels and soft grip handle, connect the high pressure hose to the trigger gun and connect the quick release garden hose fitting and you are ready to start cleaning. Includes engine oil. 

  Powerful- more powerful than an electric pressure washer- this 7hp petrol engine produces 5600w, most DIY electric pressure washers are only 1400w to 2000w.

●  Easy to use and transport- the large 12” puncture proof wheels, quick release soft grip handle with integral detergent tank mean this compact unit is portable and super easy to use and move around. 

  Oil Requirements- 600ml of SAE15W40 or SAE30 Engine oil included. This pressure washer has a hassle and maintenance free sealed pump.

Covered by: P1 Two Year Warranty* & UK parts Back-Up for Peace of Mind


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P1 P3500PWA 3000psi / 207 bar Hyundai IC210 Engine Petrol Pressure Washer 

The P3500PWA is a powerful petrol pressure washer by Position One (P1) Power Equipment. The Pressure Washer is powered by a Hyundai 212cc 4 stroke petrol engine which produces 7hp and 5.6kW of output power. 

This high performance petrol jet washer is perfect for at home and DIY use. If you have a patio or driveway to clean, this is the machine for the job. 

Petrol pressure washer vs electric pressure washer

The table below shows the huge difference in performance between a Hyundai powered petrol pressure washer and typical DIY electric pressure washers on the market. 



DIY Electric pressure washer



1400w to 2000w


2990psi/ 206bar

1400psi to 2000psi / 90bar to 140bar

Flow rate

8.7 Litres/minute

5-7 Litres/minute

For a more visual explanation of how a petrol engine powered jet wash is superior to an electric pressure washer, take a look at this video.

The assembly is straightforward and takes just 5 minutes

  1. Insert the stub axles through the wheels and into the holes in the frame and secure with the R-clips. 

  2. The upper handle inserts into the lower frame and is held in place by spring loaded ball connectors.

  3. Fill the engine with 600ml of SAE30 engine oil supplied. (Do not overfill).

  4. Fill the petrol tank with fresh unleaded petrol. (Do not overfill).

  5. Connect the high pressure hose to the pump and trigger gun with the M22 threaded connectors.

  6. Select the nozzle required and push firmly into the lance quick release fitting.

  7. Connect your garden hose to the pump inlet using the quick release garden hose connector supplied.

How to start a Petrol Power Washer

  1. Check engine oil level (must be to the top of the oil filler neck) and fuel level.

  2. Petrol ON/OFF switch to right (ON)

  3. Choke to left (START)

  4. Throttle to middle position

  5. Turn on mains water supply

  6. Hold in trigger on lance

  7. Pull recoil start firmly until engine starts

  8. Move the choke lever to the right (RUN).

Operating the P3500PWA Petrol Power Washer

Do not run the engine without a water supply connected to the pump. The water acts as a coolant and lubricant for the high pressure pump. If there is no mains water supply connected to the pump, it will overheat the seals and valves and cause permanent damage. Always use fresh mains water. If dirty water is used it can cause damage to the internal parts of the high pressure pump.

The three cylinder high pressure axial pump is fitted with a thermal protection safety valve. If the pressure washer is run without the trigger gun being squeezed open and water flowing through the pump, then the water in the pump will recirculate around the pump and heat up. To prevent the pump from overheating and damaging the seals the thermal protection valve will open and discharge the hot water, which is replaced with fresh cool water. If possible, switch the engine off when not pressure washing. This saves fuel and wear and tear.

Select the required nozzle and be sure to push it firmly into the quick release fitting on the lance. For normal pressure washing hold the nozzle about 30cm from the object being pressure washed. To use the detergent function, place the black nozzle in the lance and the pressure washer will draw the liquid detergent from the built in tank. This is a low pressure nozzle, so when the soap has been applied, change back to the high pressure nozzle to finish cleaning.

The Axial pump is driven by a 212cc 7hp Hyundai OHV engine. The OHV engines benefit from low end torque, fuel-saving and emission-cutting OHV technology and a more compact size when compared to an OHC engine.


Never point the high pressure lance at people or animals. 

Never operate this petrol pressure washer indoors or in a confined space as petrol engines produce lethal Carbon Monoxide fumes.

Always switch the engine off and allow it to cool before refueling. 


Check the engine oil level daily- it can be filled to the top of the oil filler neck with SAE30 or 15w40 engine oil. Oil filler cap (5.2).

After the first 20 hours, then every 100 hours change the engine oil. There is an engine drain bolt at the bottom of the engine (5.1). Drain into a suitable container and dispose of safely following local guidelines. 

The high pressure pump is a sealed for life, maintenance free unit.

Change the air filter and spark plug every 100 hours.

Check that there are no leaks in the high pressure hose.

Always store in a frost free environment. If there is any water left in the pump and it freezes, it can cause major damage to the pump body.

If storing for more than a few weeks, it is advisable to drain the float bowl on the carburettor. This can be done by switching the fuel off and running the pressure washer for a few minutes until it stops. This will prevent the unleaded petrol going off in the carburettor and make it easier to start on next use.

Notes about buying a petrol pressure washer

Don’t be fooled by huge pressure ratings. We know our stuff. We’ve been in the industry for 15 years and can tell you it’s not possible to obtain more than 3000psi continuous pressure from a 6.5hp 196cc to 7hp 212cc engine fitted with an axial pump, unless the flow rate is reduced to such a low level that it is not efficient in real life use. Other sellers may claim a lot higher pressure ratings. Please be careful when selecting your pressure washer. 

Covered by: P1 Two Year Warranty* & UK parts Back-Up for Peace of Mind




Starting Method Recoil
Engine Model P3500PWA
Engine Capacity (cc) 212.00
Max Pressure (PSI) 3300.00
Max Pressure (Bar) 228.00
Pump Axial
Flow Rate (l/hr) 8.70
Hose Length 7m high-pressure hose
Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 x 600 x 1000
Boxed Dimensions (L x W x H) 549 x 520 x 600
Warranty 2 Year conditional warranty
Weight (kg) 31.50
Model P3500PWA
Engine Hyundai IC210 OHV 4-stroke 212cc
Fuel Unleaded Petrol
Starting System Recoil Pull Start
Flow Rate 8.7l/h
Pump Axial
Weight 31.50
Hose Type 7m high-pressure hose rated at 3300psi/228bar with M22 fittings
Lance Type Rated at 3600psi/248bar and 25L/min, Q/R fitting for 5 nozzles for varying spray patterns and soap dispensing nozzle.
What's in the Box?
In The Box: Pressure Washer, Operational Manual, Spray Gun, lance with quick connect fitting, 7m High-Pressure hose with M22 fittings, Spray Nozzles- 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° & Soap Nozzle, Spray Gun Hook (Upper), Rubber Foot, Q/R garden hose fitting

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