Choosing a generator can be a minefield. It can also be very expensive if you get it wrong.

Below is a list of popular uses of generators and the recommended generator models.

Caravan and motorhomes

For use to just charge the leisure battery, run a TV, a PC and some lights, you would need a 1000 watt inverter generator such as the Hyundai HY1000Si, Kipor IG1000 or Honda EU10i.

For use as above, plus powering a microwave, hairdryer or hair straightener, you would need a 2000w plus inverter generators such as Honda EU20i, Kipor IG2000p or Hyundai HY2000Si or the electric start HY2000SEi.

A popular choice is the Hyundai HY3000SEi, which has a maximum of 2800 watts output or 3.5kva. This is the most powerful suitcase generator available.

Inverter generators are designed for leisure use with your caravan or motorhome and as such are not designed to be used commercially.

If you need a generator to produce power for your business, it is recommended that you use a conventional generator such as the HY3100L, HY7000LEk or HY9000LEk. These are all conventional petrol generators, powered by Hyundai 4-stroke engines coupled to heavy-duty AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator alternators producing a smooth pure sine wave output.

Diesel or Petrol?

A 5kw diesel generator, like the Hyundai DHY6000SE or Evopower EVO6000SELR, will use about 1 litre of diesel an hour under typical working conditions. If you were to compare this to the same power output petrol generator, like the Hyundai HY7000LEk, which would use about 1.5 litres an hour.