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Quality Assurance

When you order from ThePowerSite, you’ll always receive a high quality product.

Fully Tested Machines

How do we achieve this? We start by stocking only the very best brands available on the market. From Hyundai to Honda, Champion to BE Pressure, we source the best products on the market which will deliver unbeatable performance, reliability and value for money.

We also perform a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) on the majority of products that we dispatch from our warehouse. During the PDI process, our trained mechanics will evaluate the machine to ensure it’s up to our strict standards. We have an extensive checklist for each machine that must be met before the product is approved for dispatch.

In the case of larger machines, such as standby generators, our mechanics will also prepare the machine so the hard work has been done for you.

This means that when you order from ThePowerSite, you can always feel confident your product will arrive promptly and in the best possible condition, ready for years of service.

Brands Stocked by ThePowerSite
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