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Evopower 5.5kW 'Silenced' Diesel Generator EVO6000SELR

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  • Max. Power: 5.5kw
  • Max. kVA: 6.8kVA
  • Noise Level: 65db @ 7m
  • Weight: 175kg

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Long Running Diesel Generator

The EVO6000SELR diesel generator from Evopower is an affordable and reliable standby generator, capable of powering homes or businesses. Powered by a 418cc D420 Hyundai diesel engine, it's capable of producing 5.5kW / 6.8kVA. The large 24L fuel tank provides a maximum running time of 24 hours, capable of running on just 1 litre of diesel per hour, depending on the usage.

High Quality at a Low Price

Evopower have built a generator which matches the standard of much larger brands, all the while keeping the cost of the generator as low as possible. Similar to the Hyundai DHY series of diesel generators, the EVO6000SELR benefits from low noise, a compact design and powerful output

Built from the highest quality components, the lower price doesn't compromise the quality of the machine at all. This version features a Bosch injector pump and injector,  as well as Japanese bearings and seals for maximum durability.

With regular service, this diesel generator can provide years of service. Maintenance is made easy with a top panel that can be lifted off and side access doors.

It's fitted with 1x 16A 230V & 1x 32A 230V sockets.

Reliable Backup Power

Powered by a 3000rpm engine, this generator is designed primarily as a backup generator, and can be deployed to its fullest potential in the event of a power cut, grid failure or outage. It's ideal for home or business use. 

The AVR alternator produces a clean energy output, making it perfectly safe to use with sensitive electronic devices, such as televisions, PCs, and more.

ATS Compatible

This generator can also be configured to work with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which will detect a loss of power from the mains, turn the generator on, and then turn it off again when power from the mains returns. ATS system sold separately.




Manufacturer Evopower
Engine Capacity (cc) 418.00
Engine Manufacturer Evopower
Engine Model D420
Oil Capacity (l) 0.15
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 24.00
Warranty 1 year parts and labour
Alternator Type AVR
Continuous Power (kVA) 6.25
Continuous Power (kW) 5.00
Frequency (Hz) 50.00
Max. Power Output (kVA) 6.80
Max. Power (kW) 5.50
ATS Port Available
Current (A) 22.60
Dimensions (mm) L: 930 x W: 570 x H: 730 (H: 700 without wheels)
Fuel Consumption (l/hr 50% load) 1.00
Noise (dB @ 7m) 72.00
Noise (dBA @ 1m) 96.00
Fueled/Driven by Diesel
Maximum Run Time (hr) 24.00
Starting Method Electric
Weight 160.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this generator a 2 or 3 wire start ? As I want to start this with PLC or an ATS

A. It's a 2-wire start on the generator itself, but is designed to be coupled with an ATS without any issues, so has 3 wire capability built-in. If you're using a PLC, the 2-wire should suffice.

Q. it says 24hr run time, i want to use this 5 - 6 days a week 8hrs a day to run a catering van. will it be ok ?

A. The EVO6000SELR is designed as a 'back-up' generator thus using it for powering a catering vehicle 5 to 6 days a week would put to much strain on a product designed for infrequent use. In basic terms using the EVO6000SELR as a constant use of power will considerably reduce the life span as it isn't designed for that purpose.

Q. hello, does the generator come full of engine oil ready to go, does it have normal uk plug sockets on it , as in the video you seem to be using some adapter to the oil radiator

A. The EVO6000SELR will come shipped with oil, and you will just have to add diesel. It does not have standard 13A sockets however. It has both 16A and 32A 230v electrical sockets, and in the video, we are using a 16A to 13A fly lead converter to plug items in directly, but the electrical sockets that are on the generator allow the unit to be plumbed in directly to changeover switches for house backup.

Q. Is there a standard for how an ATS control signalling works (volt-free, normally open, normally closed etc ?

A. The standard ATS control signalling is normally open as the ATS panels we provide use the 12v line to charge the generator batteries until the power goes out, then the ATS takes over and the signalling is closed.

Q. Is this unit OK for use as a computer data center backup,the center uses 4.4 kWh.also will it work with red diesel / bio diesel

A. For backup use, this generator will be fine, as it has AVR (automatic voltage regulation) in order to stop the output spiking, making it suitable for sensitive electronics. It's a 5.5kW maximum output, so as long as you believe you maximum requirement is 4.4kW, then this will work fine. And it will work on red diesel. However, it will not work using bio diesel, and is not recommended you attempt to use any form of bio fuel.

Q. I understand the exhaust may be piped to an external location if the generator were located in a workshop/garage is there any information for this? Or in fact info for internal fixed location (as a standby generator)

A. Because the exhaust on this generator is cut off flush to the side of the unit, there is no way of easily attaching an exhaust extension to this without first taking the unit apart, and potentially having to weld or at least hard clip the extension to the exhaust. On this model, we recommend it be run outdoors and moved back under cover when not in use. We do not recommend it be run indoors without proper exhaust venting, which is not properly available on this unit at this time.

Q. My son and I are thinking of using this generator on a canal boat. To ensure the RCDs work correctly on the main distribution board, the advice is to bond earth and neutral together at the generator. Do I assume correctly that this is not built in to the generator? Is there a simple way of doing this if not? Thanks.

A. Although we wouldn't necessarily recommend this for use on a canal boat, due to the size and complexity of moving it in and out when running, what you are talking about is a neutral-earth link. The generator is a floating earth, but to create this type of link, you would do so in the 32A 230v plug. You would need to connect a short piece of wire in the plug which creates a loop that connects the two together. Doing it in the plug means that if you move the generator, the link which may not always be needed does not come with it. It is recommended to highlight the wire that creates the link. Lastly, please note that this is a backup generator, not designed for daily use.

Q. What is the socket configuration on this generator?

A. This generator has a 16A 230v and a 32A 230v outlet.

Q. My oil light doesn't seem to work at all. Could this be faulty as it doesn't light up at all?

A. The oil light is a low oil warning light, that will only display when it senses the oil level is too low on the generator. It won't even light up on startup, so as long as you are maintaining the oil level, and changing it to the requirements of the maintenance schedule, not seeing this light up is a good thing.

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