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Are you prepared for Winter or could a Standby Generator help?

Do you need a standby generator?

Winter is now here and the days are getting colder, wetter and windier so are you prepared or could a standby generator help?

The long range forecast from the Met Office shows a lot of cold winter conditions with snow, rain and high winds.
There is also quite a bit of uncertainty for a lot of the country and the suggestion that temperatures will be lower than average.standby generator

Power cuts due to bad weather are on the increase and many are expected across towns, cities and rural areas this Winter.

We are much more dependent on the electrical items in our life for ease of living and for business use.
So much so that we will happily pay for insurance on our mobile phones just in case we damage them but never think about an insurance policy for our entire home or office should we be without power.

The cost of being without power.

The loss of electrical power is frustrating but also expensive.
Consider the value of the contents of your fridge and freezer, the inconvenience of no lights or a flat phone or tablet.
The lack of being able to provide any heat during the cold winter months, being unable to process customer orders or answer calls, even if the power is only out for a few hours…


Standby Generator, the solution.

Standby Generators are now finding their way into more homes and businesses than ever before and not just in rural locations.

A generator can provide electrical power to a number of devices and equipment and be tailored to your requirements and budget.



Options include:
Manual Transfer Switch: which will allow you to simply switch between maGenerator Backfeedins and generator power.

Automatic Transfer Switch: which will sense the loss of power from the grid and start the generator automatically and turn itself off when power is restored, meaning you don’t have to be there to ensure vital systems are still running.

Mobile APP: You can ever run and monitor your generator from an App of any mobile or desktop device.

Ethernet Connection: some generators can be hardwired into the properties broadband connection allowing you to control the generator with a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Chalwyn Valve: A safety device that prevents diesel engine runaway, when a flammable gas is drawn into the engine's air intake and the generator can not be shut down by normal methods.

Spark Arrestor: Prevents flammable debris from exiting the exhaust and possibly cageneratorusing fires.
Especially useful in wooded areas.

Wheel Kits: Helps make certain generators much easier to move.

Exhaust Extension Kits: Stainless steel hosing to safely move exhaust gasses further away from the generator.

(still does not allow you to locate a generator indoors or in an enclosed space)


Efficient and safe power

Hyundai generators move with technology so have become quieter and much more efficient.

Running costs are lower than they have ever been and general servicing is simple and cheap.

Noise levels have dropped due to better engine technology and sound attenuated canopies make using them in built up residential areas and quiet zones no longer a problem.


Hyundai generators also come with built in safety features such as overload protection, low oil level shutdown and low fuel warning and shutdown.

Ensuring the generator protects itself from possible damage.


Choosing a generator

ThePowerSite has created a simple to use Generator Selection Guide which at a few clicks of your mouse will advise possible generators to suit your needs.

Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your generator needs.

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