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Preparing your Generator for Winter

WInter is coming...

We're rapidly reaching the season where a home generator may come into its own.

With another harsh winter forecast, it's time to get your generator out of storage and check it over.

Safety First

Before carrying out any inspection or servicing make sure you do this outdoors and with the correct personal protective equipment and the knowledge to do some basic tasks.

Generators produce carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas that can harm or even kill if inhaled.

If you're unsure, contact your dealer or service centre for help and assistance and always refer to the manufacturers manual for guidelines.

Service the Generator

If you haven't already, it's time for a service.

Change the oil, check the spark plug and air filter and clean or replace as necessary.service
Check the manufacturers manual for the recommended oil , plug gap setting and service interval.

It's also advisable to keep a few litres of oil on hand, just in case it needs a top up during the winter months.


Hopefully, you winterised your generator correctly and removed the fuel before the long period Fuel Storageof storage.

If not, there's a very good chance the fuel has gone stale and will cause starting difficulties.

You'll need to drain the fuel tank and carburetor and refill with fresh fuel to ensure it's primed and ready for a power cut.

Any fuel you have stored should be disposed of in the correct manner and replaced with some fresh fuel.

Visual Inspection

Have a good look at the generator and inspect any moving parts, fuel lines and electrical connections.

Make sure they're all in good working order, moving parts greased appropriately and any damaged or perished parts are replaced with manufacturer recommended parts before operation.

Test Run

With all the above steps carried out, have a test run of the generator and place it under some load to confirm it is working as it should.

If any issues arise at this point, investigate and resolve so it's ready for action.

Anything else to consider?

Make sure it's easily accessible with a clear path should the power go out.

Have a plan in place for a suitable location for the generator far enough away from the house or office so as not to cause any issues with carbon monoxide.

If the power does go out, remember to consider wind direction in your generators location.

Have a torch on standby, invariably it'll be dark when the power goes out and a torch can help you safely get the generator up and running.

Contact Us

For help or assistance regarding any of the above contact your service dealer or ourselves and we'll be happy to help with advice, parts or a new generator.

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