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Power Cuts, are we prepared?


Power Cuts, are we prepared?
There are many reasons why we have power cuts. Harsh weather conditions for one and the growing electricity supply gap being another.

Lack of power generation

Proposals to phase out coal fired power stations and lack of investment in the infrastructure, it has been predicted that the demand for electricity will outstrip supply by more than 40% making it almost impossible to meet UK electricity demand by 2025.

More and More severe weather

Meteorologists are predicting that the weather in the UK is set to continue to get worse over the coming years with Winters getting colder and harsher.
Snow and high winds will continue to increase in severity putting yet more demand on an already struggling power grid leading to blackouts and power cuts becoming more common place.

We are not prepared

The UK would require around 30 new gas fired power plants to make up the supply deficit but these are not being built.
The new Nuclear Power station set to be finished by 2025 is already behind.power cuts
Along with abandoned plans for carbon capture and storage technology, slashed subsidies for onshore wind and solar power, failed reforms to the electricity market and the scrapped green deal to insulate homes, the UK is set for uncertain times regarding the consistent supply of electrical power.

The UK is vastly unprepared for the increasing number of power outages and the effect it has on the home and business.

Business losses due to Power Cuts

It is estimated that a power cut lasting only 50 minutes can cost a small business £800 in lost revenue due to wasted wages, lost revenue and remedial costs.

The cost scales up to large business where it’s estimated that a recent power cut cost Google £100,000 a minute.

For home owners the costs can be around £250 for a fridge and freezer full of food going off, there will be difficulties in cooking, heating and lighting.

Our reliance on electrical devices such as phones and computing equipment, plus the inconvenience and the uncertainty of when power may be restored.


Power cuts are largely out of our control but there is simply no better way to avoid the impact of  power cuts than to implement a good standby power system.
This can be in the form of a small portable generator to keep a couple of lights on and a phone charged to a large stationary standby generator to keep a business up and running.power cuts

Ownership of a generator is becoming increasingly more important and with power outages set to continue at all times of the year.
Many are now taking steps to prepare now, rather than waiting for the worst to happen.

If you would like to discuss your needs then contact us at ThePowerSite where we can help with every stage of choosing the right standby power generator for your needs.

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