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Hyundai Introduces New 4 Stroke Garden Machinery, But What Differences Does It Offer?

New From Hyundai, New to The PowerSite

Hyundai Power Equipment has launched a new range of 4 Stroke powered garden machinery which have just launched and is available to buy via The PowerSite

The range at the moment consists of:

HY4B26: A 26cc petrol engined Leaf Blower with 120mph blow speed moving 55m/s

HY4HT26: A 26cc petrol engined Hedge Trimmer featuring a double-sided 510mm cutting blade

HY4TR26: A 26cc petrol engined bent shaft grass trimmer with 420mm cutting width

HY4BC31: A 31cc petrol engined straight shaft brush cutter/grass trimmer combined


What is 4 Stroke and Why Should I be Interested?

Most garden machinery uses a 2 stroke engine, these are great engines and work well but have their limitations.
A 2 stroke engine has to work hard at higher engine rpm's to produce consistent power which can shorten the engine lifespan.Strimmer

2 stroke engines also require you to mix the fuel with oil to lubricate the internal parts, meaning they are less fuel efficient and produce more smoke from the exhaust, as you are burning the oil at the same time as burning the fuel.


The Advantages

The 4 stroke engine, however, produces more torque than the 2 stroke engine resulting in a more powerful rotational force.
So a 4 stroke engine can be a smaller capacity than a 2 stroke and still produce as much power and increase fuel efficiency.

This leads to less engine wear and 4 stroke engines being more reliable than the 2 stroke counterparts.petrol hedge trimmer

There is also the advantage that a 4 stroke engine will run on straight unleaded petrol and requires no messy mixing of fuel and oil and will also produce lower emissions and less noise.



So is 2 Stroke dead?

No, 2 stroke is still a cost-effective way of producing garden machinery that works well but the introduction of 4 stroke machines, gives the end user another choice to find garden machinery that will best suit their needs.

If you'd like to discuss the range of 4 stroke petrol garden machinery or any of the other products we supply, please get in touch.









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