• Dig out the Brush Cutter : The Weeds are Still Growing.

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    Milder winters mean we are continuing garden maintenance well beyond the usual seasonal times, so it's time to dig out the brush cutter. Although growing at a slower rate, plants and weeds are still growing so now is an ideal time to break out the brush cutter and give the unruly undergrowth a good trimming...
  • Garden Machinery Bargains in our Autumn Sale

    Garden Machinery Sale Autumn has well and truly arrived but there are still plenty of jobs to be done in and around the garden. Thankfully, ThePowerSite has got you covered with a great range of discounts on essential garden machinery. Here's just a selection of garden machinery that can be found in our Autumn Sale...
  • Hyundai Electric Start Petrol Lawnmowers Hit Top Spot

    Hyundai Hit Bullseye with top 2 spots for their electric start lawnmowers We're exceptionally pleased to announce that two of the Hyundai Electric Start Lawnmowers have been a hit with our customers, so much so, they rank Number 1 and Number 2 by Best Review Guides  Unlike many review sites, who pay a reviewer to...
  • Police recover £100,000 worth of stolen generators

    Uncategorised, News
    Police recovered £100,00 worth of stolen generators heading towards Kent. A Tracker company alerted the Derbyshire Police on Wednesday January 10th that a tracker had been activated travelling South on the M1, heading towards Kent.   The generators had been stolen from the North Yorkshire area and were found on a lorry that was parked...
  • Emissions and garden machinery, does it affect me?

    An engine will give off emissions be it fitted to car, lorry or lawn mower and they’re all regulated by European law to help lower emissions and be more environmentally friendly. So How Do Emissions Affect My Equipment? All engines are rated on emissions of Total Hydrocarbon (NOx), Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC), Carbon monoxide (CO) and...
  • Bad Weather Preparation, Some Simple Tips

    Simple tips for preparing for the bad weather With the news of bad weather approaching the UK there are some simple tips to make sure you’re prepared for whatever mother nature may want to throw at you. It’s better to be prepared before or just in case rather than a mad panic when the weather...

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