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  • So what makes the best pressure washer?

    Pressure Washer, Pressure Washers
    There are many advantages when buying a petrol pressure washer over an electric equivalent. They are more powerful, require no external power source, more efficient and much more portable without having cables dragging everywhere. So just what should you look for when buying one? THE POWER PLANT The majority of cheap pressure washers come with a...
  • Choosing the Right Pressure Washer for My Business

    Pressure Washer, Pressure Washers
    What type of pressure washer should I use for my business? It is a question we get asked every day. There is such a vast and diverse range of pressure washers available on the market that it has become increasingly difficult to know what the best pressure washer is for your business needs. What are the...
  • Watch a BE Pressure Washer Clean a Dirty Land Rover

    Pressure Washer
    The BE Pressure range of petrol pressure washers has been one of our most popular product ranges this year, and this video is the perfect example of why these machines are so popular: The petrol pressure washer in this video is the B2565HA, which is powered by a 196cc Honda GX200 engine, producing a maximum output of...
  • The BE Pressure B275HA Petrol Pressure Washer is BACK IN STOCK

    Pressure Washer
    One of the best sellers here at ThePowerSite in recent months has been the B275HA petrol pressure washer, manufactured by BE Pressure and powered by Honda.   Powered by the tried and test Honda GC160 petrol engine, the B275HA from BE Pressure is a heavy-duty domestic pressure washer, producing a maximum output of 2700PSI. This...
  • Changes to HSE for Window Cleaners – Working From the Ground Up

    Pressure Washer, Industry News
    The days of your local window cleaner going up and down the streets with buckets of hot water, a sponge and a ladder are almost a thing of the past. In its place, a new breed of window cleaners and professional pressure cleaning companies are at the forefront of their industry, bringing with them new...
  • 10 Handy Uses for a Pressure Washer

    Help and Advice, Power Equipment, Pressure Washer
    1. Fencing You should try to pressure wash your fences every year, if not at least every other year. It makes a huge difference. If your fence is wooden however, as they typically are, be careful of how much pressure is applied as it can damage the wood. 2. Household Exterior As with fencing, you...

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