Petrol Pressure Washer

  • Simple Pressure Washer Care

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    SIMPLE PRESSURE WASHER MAINTENANCE Caring for your petrol pressure washer will see it give you many years of service so here are some simple tips to keep it in good working condition. Before using your pressure washer visually inspect the unit. Check for any leaks from seals and o rings and check the high-pressure hose...
  • New Professional PowerEase Petrol Pressure Washer From BE Pressure

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    Since being introduced to the UK market, the selection of Honda pressure washers from BE Pressure has made a big impact. By providing exceptional cleaning performance, with the renowned power of Honda driving them, they're the go-to machine for professional cleaners. This month, BE Pressure have introduced the first petrol pressure washer to the UK...
  • Gravity Fed & Suction Hose Petrol Pressure Washers

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    One of the biggest benefits of a petrol pressure washer over an electric pressure washer is the ability to clean in locations without an electric power supply. There is one restriction for many petrol pressure washers, however, in the fact that you need a mains water supply to feed it water. Fortunately, not all petrol...
  • Home & Garden Petrol Pressure Washers

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    Everyone knows there's no better way to spend a summer evening than in your garden, but because the British weather can be so appalling during the autumn and winter months, you'll probably have quite a bit of cleaning to do once the sunshine arrives. You could grab a hose pipe, but for the most effective and...
  • Petrol Pressure Washer Glossary - Pressure Washer Terms Explained

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    Don't know the difference between PSI and flow rate? Confused about a water inlet and turbo nozzle? Sometimes shopping for a petrol pressure washer can be a puzzling experience, especially if you've never operated one before. This glossary has been built so that anyone and everyone can understand the main features and benefits of a...
  • Petrol Pressure Washer Accessory: Snow Foam Lance

    Petrol Pressure Washer
    The first time you use a petrol pressure washer it seems like your cleaning couldn't possibly get any better, and it's true that for effective and efficient cleaning, you won't find a better tool for the job than a pressure washer. What you might not know is that your cleaning results with a petrol pressure...

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