Petrol Inverter Generators

  • Are You Prepared for a Power Cut

    With more reliance on electricity than ever before, standby generators are no longer just for large corporations but are now finding their way into small business and the home. Nobody enjoys a power cut but they are becoming much more common, so here at ThePowerSite we will talk you through the different options available to...
  • What's In a Hyundai Inverter Generator Box

    Petrol Inverter Generators
    With spring on the horizon and summer not far behind it, holiday planning is on the agenda. When it comes to spending time in the great outdoors, there’s nothing better than relaxing with your family away from the stress of modern life. That’s not to say that you want to leave all modern luxuries behind...
  • New Hyundai Inverter Generators

    Petrol Inverter Generators
    The best-selling range of Hyundai inverter generators has seen an update this year, as the HY1000Si and HY2000Si have been refreshed with more modern designs and new parts under the hood. Ideal for caravan, camping and motorhome holidays and adventures, these compact generators remain ideal for the leisure market, but they're now better than ever...
  • Petrol Inverter Generators for Caravans and Camping

    It’s undeniable that the appeal of a caravan or camping trip is to be at one with nature, away from busy city life and with a beautiful view in front of you. Even so, it’s always nice to be able to bring life’s modern luxuries with you wherever you go, and that’s why a petrol...

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