Open Frame Petrol Generators

  • Catering Vans: Choosing the Right Generator

    Open Frame Petrol Generators

    We're often contacted by catering professionals who are looking to provide power to mobile food units. We often recommend open frame generators, and the majority of callers go away happy, but with the emergence of silenced and smaller, quieter generators, it is becoming a more and more difficult task to focus the catering market on the correct product.

  • 6 Things To Consider When Buying a Petrol Generator

    Open Frame Petrol Generators
    If you're buying a petrol generator for the first time, knowing what to look for can be confusing. If you do know what to look for, however, buying a petrol generator becomes a much less daunting task. It's for this reason that we've picked the 6 most important aspects of a generator which should make...
  • Open Frame Petrol Generators From Ford

    Open Frame Petrol Generators
    When it comes to petrol generators, it’s important to buy one from a tried and tested manufacturer. If you’ll be using your generator for professional use, such as on industrial or construction sites, you need to know that it’s built to withstand hard work, day after day. It’s for this reason that we’re excited to...
  • Petrol Generators for Construction Sites

    When looking for an open frame petrol generator to power your construction work, there are several aspects to consider. In a bid to make this process as easy as possible for you, we've put together this quick guide on what to look for when buying a petrol generator for a construction environment. How Much Power...

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