• Preparing your Generator for Winter

    WInter is coming... We're rapidly reaching the season where a home generator may come into its own. With another harsh winter forecast, it's time to get your generator out of storage and check it over. Safety First Before carrying out any inspection or servicing make sure you do this outdoors and with the correct personal...
  • Cordless Garden Machinery : Hyundai's All New 60v Range

    New 60v Cordless Garden Machinery Range from Hyundai Battery powered tools are nothing new but with the continual development of Lithium-Ion batteries and electric motors, they can now rival petrol and corded electric machines. Hyundai's new range of 60v garden machinery offers users more power, more run time and much less pollution, meaning cordless machines...
  • August Lawn Care - Some Tips

    News, Garden Maintenance
    The Rain Has Arrived After a very dry summer so far, the rains have finally hit the UK giving our parched gardens a much-needed boost. But with the rain it will have created a few jobs to ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape for the rest of the year, so we've put together a list...
  • Police recover £100,000 worth of stolen generators

    Uncategorised, News
    Police recovered £100,00 worth of stolen generators heading towards Kent. A Tracker company alerted the Derbyshire Police on Wednesday January 10th that a tracker had been activated travelling South on the M1, heading towards Kent.   The generators had been stolen from the North Yorkshire area and were found on a lorry that was parked...
  • A Guide to Winter Battery Care

    Winter is well and truly here so your garden machinery is probably all stored away for the winter. Hopefully you’ve done all the winter maintenance jobs to keep it tip top but what about the battery? If any of your devices are fitted with a battery, it’s just as important to look after it as...
  • How to Size a Generator

    How to size a generator So you’ve decided you want a standby generator to provide backup power in the event of a power cut but how do you know which size would be right for your needs? What do I need to power? Firstly, you’ll need to work out exactly what you want to power...

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