Leaf Blowers

  • Cordless Garden Machinery : Hyundai's All New 60v Range

    New 60v Cordless Garden Machinery Range from Hyundai Battery powered tools are nothing new but with the continual development of Lithium-Ion batteries and electric motors, they can now rival petrol and corded electric machines. Hyundai's new range of 60v garden machinery offers users more power, more run time and much less pollution, meaning cordless machines...
  • Why Buy a Petrol Leaf Blower this Autumn?

    Leaf Blowers
    There are many advantages to owning a petrol leaf blower compared to a corded electric leaf blower. Although petrol leaf blowers are more expensive than electric leaf blowers, they do provide a higher level of performance and convenience, making the extra investment worth it. One of the most important things you will need to consider before...
  • The Advantages of Petrol Leaf Blowers

    Leaf Blowers
    Petrol leaf blowers offer many advantages over corded electric leaf blowers, so whenever we get asked by a customer what model they should buy, we always recommend a petrol driven model. It’s true that petrol leaf blowers are more expensive than electric leaf blowers, however for the added performance and convenience you gain, the extra...
  • How To Assemble a Leaf Blower / Vacuum Shredder

    Leaf Blowers
    The Hyundai HYBV26 is one of our best selling petrol leaf blowers, thanks in no small part to the vacuum and shredder functionality which provides an easy disposal of leaves and debris. With a leaf blower/vacuum, it’s vital to be able to change from one function to the next quickly and easily, so we thought...
  • Buying Advice: What Type of Petrol Leaf Blower Do You Need?

    Leaf Blowers
    Any keen gardener will know the challenges of keeping a garden looking its best over the autumn and winter months. The weeds may be gone but they’re replaced by fallen leaves, small twigs and other forms of debris. High winds and bad weather always seem to leave the majority of the mess on your lawn...
  • A Beginner's Guide To Using a Petrol Leaf Blower

    A petrol leaf blower is a must-have machine for the autumn and winter months, designed to make quick work of fallen leaves, litter, twigs and other small debris that collects on your garden lawn, paths and driveway. One of the biggest benefits to a petrol leaf blower over a traditional garden rake or broom is...

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