• Natural Gas and LPG generators, the advantages of owning one.

    LPG & Natural Gas Generators An LPG or Natural Gas generator can be beneficial as a standby generator for producing backup electrical power in case of power cuts. LPG and Natural Gas are around half the price of petrol of diesel reducing overall running costs. Efficient Power Generation LPG and Natural Gas are also more...
  • Are you prepared for Winter or could a Standby Generator help?

    Do you need a standby generator? Winter is now here and the days are getting colder, wetter and windier so are you prepared or could a standby generator help? The long range forecast from the Met Office shows a lot of cold winter conditions with snow, rain and high winds. There is also quite a...
  • Why Backfeeding with a Generator is Dangerous - A Simple Guide

    Generators, Diesel Generators
    What Is Backfeed? Backfeed is the term used when the flow of electricity is reversed from its normal direction of flow. For example, a generator used for backup power in the event of a power cut, is capable of sending electrical power not only to your home or business but back in to the power...
  • Safe Storage of Fuel at Home

    Generators, Garden Maintenance
    Safe Storage Of Fuel At Home Many people will have garden equipment, generators, machines or tools that use petrol or diesel in their garages or sheds but is the fuel stored safely, securely and legally? Fuel and fuel vapour, are highly flammable, explosive and toxic, so incorrect storage and handling can have fatal consequences. What's...
  • Are You Prepared for a Power Cut

    With more reliance on electricity than ever before, standby generators are no longer just for large corporations but are now finding their way into small business and the home. Nobody enjoys a power cut but they are becoming much more common, so here at ThePowerSite we will talk you through the different options available to...
  • What to do when your inverter generator won't start

    Generators, Inverter Generators
      How to Clean the Carburettor Jets on your Inverter Generator One of the most common, but costly mistakes that we see made with portable generators / suitcase generators occurs when users store their inverter generators for long periods of time and forget to remove the previously added petrol from the generator. This often occurs...

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