• Are You Prepared for a Power Cut

    With more reliance on electricity than ever before, standby generators are no longer just for large corporations but are now finding their way into small business and the home. Nobody enjoys a power cut but they are becoming much more common, so here at ThePowerSite we will talk you through the different options available to...
  • Naming the Storm: Making Weather in the UK Stand Out

    Energy, News, Diesel Generators
    So, we've had Abigail, which was quickly followed by Barney. For the record, the next time you walk outside your house and find felled trees, or if the power goes off in your home, the name you need to be cursing at the top of your voice is Clodagh. After she dies down, there will...
  • New T-Pylon Design Revealed

    The National Grid has this week revealed the revamped design of electricity pylons which they hope will reduce the visual impact on the British landscape. These T-pylons are shorter than the traditional design and quicker to build, with three cables suspended either side of the central supporting pole. Image courtesy of The National Grid These...
  • Checklist To Help You Through a Power Cut

    Energy, Generators, Help and Advice
    OK, so power cuts. We bang on about them and nobody like them, but they are seen as more of an inconvenience, rather than something we should be in fear of. That's OK, most people do only have minor downtime with power cuts and the last thing we want to do is scare monger. We've...
  • BBC News - Shows Halted by Power Cut

    Energy, News
    Two shows in London's West End were cancelled after theatres suffered a power cut. More than 1,000 people watching Les Miserables and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time were evacuated on to the streets. Read more here... BBC News - Les Miserables and Curious Incident halted by power cut.
  • Happy New Year!

    Energy, Generators, Help and Advice, Power Equipment
    Hello and a Happy New Year to you all! After a very productive 2014 we are already aiming to make this year busier than the last.  2014 saw us double our turnover on the previous year – we hope to do the same this year! We’ve brought on board new products, moved to much bigger...

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