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Diesel Generators

  • Power Cuts, are we prepared?

    Diesel Generators
      Power Cuts, are we prepared? There are many reasons why we have power cuts. Harsh weather conditions for one and the growing electricity supply gap being another. Lack of power generation Proposals to phase out coal fired power stations and lack of investment in the infrastructure, it has been predicted that the demand for...
  • Which backup generator should I buy?

    Diesel Generators
    Which backup Generator should I buy? With power cuts becoming more common and the continual strain on the National Grid, there is always the worry of what to do should the lights go out? Businesses can not afford down time and no one can afford a freezer full of defrosted food, so more and more...
  • Why Backfeeding with a Generator is Dangerous - A Simple Guide

    Generators, Diesel Generators
    What Is Backfeed? Backfeed is the term used when the flow of electricity is reversed from its normal direction of flow. For example, a generator used for backup power in the event of a power cut, is capable of sending electrical power not only to your home or business but back in to the power...
  • Are You Prepared for a Power Cut

    With more reliance on electricity than ever before, standby generators are no longer just for large corporations but are now finding their way into small business and the home. Nobody enjoys a power cut but they are becoming much more common, so here at ThePowerSite we will talk you through the different options available to...
  • Can The UK's Power Systems Be Hacked?

    Diesel Generators
    Heavy rain, high winds and widespread snowfall are the most common reasons for power cuts in the UK, but could a more modern and malicious source be the latest threat to the UK’s National Grid? Could the UK’s power systems be hacked? The idea that hackers could target power grids around the world isn’t a...
  • How We Ran Our Evopower EVO6000SELR Diesel Generator For Over 3000 Hours

    Diesel Generators
    Yes, you read that headline right: We've been running our Evopower EVO6000SELR diesel generator for over 3000 hours now. 3303hrs to be exact, and the clock is still ticking. How did we achieve this? Simply by following the servicing guidelines to ensure it was properly maintained. It really is as simple as that, and it...

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