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  • Air Compressor Buying Guide

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    We know that looking for your first air compressor can be a daunting and confusing experience. You need to choose between petrol and electric, DIY and commercial, know what air tools to buy and parse the complicated jargon. We regularly take questions from customers who aren’t sure quite what they’re looking for, so we hope...
  • 5 Reasons To Buy a Portable Air Tank

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    Although portable air tanks can’t offer the same pressure output as an air compressor, they’re ideal for less demanding tasks and cost a fraction of the price. Here’s our top 5 reasons for purchasing one… They’re Easy to Fill and Hold Their Pressure To fill a portable air tank, you simply need to take it...
  • Check Your Tyre Pressure With An Air Compressor

    Air Compressors
    Everyone with a driving license knows that ensuring your vehicle's tyres are at the correct pressure is an important aspect of driving. To make this easy, we stock a selection of air compressors which can also be used to power a variety of air tools, such as spray guns and grinders. Yesterday, Lewis Hamilton's dominant victory at...
  • What to Look For in a Home Use Air Compressor

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    It's around this time of the year that weekend warriors and DIY stalwarts, who have spent years converting their garages into spacious boys' rooms and workshops that sometimes resemble laboratories more than they do work stations. There are a range of bits, bobs, tools, machines, cutters, lathes and power equipment, of which in most of...

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